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Sam Raimi discusses Warcraft movie {WoW}

Jun 26th 2010 2:12AM If Raimi can take the awe that comes with every viewing of the mage from the Vanilla intro video, the heated excitement that comes from from the blood spatter on the draenei's face during the BC video, and the Shudders of built up anticipation that are released after hearing, "YOU, SHALL BE KING (dun dah dah DAH DAH DAH BOOOOOM!!!!)" at the end of the WoTLK video, and combine it with the intricacy of the WoW Lore and style, Not only will he have made a popular movie that will appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike, but he will have succeded in creating one of the greatest pieces of art in our time. Seriously. The complexity and scale of Warcraft has, IMHO, grown far beyond epics like Homer's Iliad and Odyssey or Beowulf not only in length but in depth. Like Raimi said, (which is an encouraging thing) WoW has become a Universe, unable to be contained by such old mediums like a book. A succinct summary of this universe, wrapped up into a cinematic epic done properly, will make Avatar look like Macaroni art.

Cataclysm Talent Preview: Balance druids {WoW}

Jun 24th 2010 12:11PM You sir, have provided a most intelligent, succinct, and delectable digestion of the article. Thank you for the alternative view on these changes.

Cataclysm druid, rogue, priest and shaman talent previews {WoW}

Jun 21st 2010 3:28AM Whoo!... this post is going to make me Bipolar. As a Resto/Feral druid, Nom Nom Nom, Pulverize, and nearly every other change in the feral spec just looks... Delectable. Wonderful. The sacred grounds of feral talents like Heart of the Wild were kept as true to their current state as the Cataclysm mechanic will allow, Katz will have a little more time to breath during their rotation (although not quite enough for the andrenaline rush via strangulation to run out >:), and bear tanking looks optimistically intellectual (as opposed to the Snoozefest of WoTLK tanking.. swipeswipeswipeswipeswipe). However, the boiled down emotions that clambered out of my mouth after reading the talent changes to Resto can be summed up by the simple phrase, "WHAT THE HELL, MAN!!!". I mean seriously! I heard they were THINKING of making tree form a cooldown, but really, that seemed like a threat to make us quit complaining about the lack of serious revamping us trees were going to experience. FURTHERMORE, I see this talent change, this single point in the tree (the point that makes you a tree) to be the single biggest "fun-nerf" to the class. Druids have a load of instant casts, and specialize in running circles around the transition phases during boss fights and that silly warrior in AB. but now, not only are we losing our ability to shapeshift freely (Which by the way IMO equates to making Hunters unable to ranged dps all the time), but they are bringing back the stupid idea that if they are going to make one physics mechanic in WoW similar to the real world, it is that trees are slow. TL:DR, YAY FERAL WAAAHHHHH RESTO.
Im gonna go lvl another druid so i can start laying waste to my enemies with mushrooms and rainbows.