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Who ya gonna watch? New Ghostbusters trailer and screens materialize {Joystiq}

Dec 4th 2008 10:27PM It has personality, which many games can't say they have.

My inner 5 year old is going nuts over this trailer! Ghostbusters were my thing when I was a kid. Some it was He-Man and some it was Transformers, but for me, I had a plastic proton pack and I busted ghosts. This is a vision of my childhood dreams come to fruition.

Joyswag: Win Mass Effect's 'Bring Down the Sky' DLC {Joystiq}

Mar 10th 2008 11:22PM Check out the tentacles on her! We call this the quadruple take.

Got any gamer resolutions? {Joystiq}

Jan 8th 2007 9:54AM Mine: No more trading of games in. I've seen too many games I want back NOW that I have given away for something less substatial. Oh and my other resolution is to get a 360.

ArchLord moves to free play, Codemasters desperate {Joystiq}

Dec 6th 2006 9:33AM I forth the Guild Wars Rocks notion, as no fee = great for short attention spans that can't play much sometimes.

Blizzard threatens players who plan "Gnome March" for Warriors {WoW}

Dec 5th 2006 1:15PM don't you see, you have no rights inside blizzards world that parallel the rights here in the US or any country. WoW is blizzard's "world" and they can punish anything they deem wrong. Do constitutional rights exist inside the virtual world?

Circuit City false or stupid advertising -- you decide {Joystiq}

Dec 3rd 2006 1:21AM back in my costco days we had some gaming chair and the models on the side were playing with 1 ps2 controller, a xbox-s controller, and an upside down n64 controller all in one picture to show off the chair.

Seriously, an upside down (backwards) n64 controller?

Sid Meier keeping eye on Civilization for consoles {Joystiq}

Dec 3rd 2006 1:13AM Civ on DS, lets do it. seriously.

Breakfast Topic: We All Started Somewhere {WoW}

Oct 19th 2006 10:56AM I started with the beta for a game called "Battle Realms", which was an odd game, and I didn't understand the whole MMO-ish concept. Just a year after that, my buddy and I went out and got EQ, which sucked in our opinions, and bought Anarchy Online instead. We played that for several years, and I got into betas for other games. Also played: Shadowbane, Earth and Beyond Online (ugh), EQ2,City of Heroes, Planetside, FFXI...but I always came back to AO. But now WoW is my new AO, just as addicting but ten times better.

Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 {Joystiq}

Apr 26th 2006 3:22PM Any game with a John Goodman and Christopher Walken summon = awesome.

Cheesy game designers "tighten up the graphics" {Joystiq}

Jan 11th 2006 3:57PM I love how its not intended for people in texas or mass. thats funny, i guess the whole scam thing is illegal in those states or something.