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Breakfast Topic: The one missing item in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Jul 8th 2010 9:34AM More cosmetic stuff. Make fun spy things, that don't work in PvP. Like, something that turns you into a tree, from that one Draenei quest. More like the elixirs that change into funny things. :)

Spiritual Guidance: The dawn of the age of shadow {WoW}

Jul 8th 2010 9:23AM Looking at that skill list, it is clear that Shadow needs a true PvP skill. I guess that Mind Spike spell will help with spanking pretty well. But of all the DPS caster classes we lose out in PvP. Mages are damn near impossible to take down with there bubbles; Shaman = Mail and interrupts; I don't even want to talk about the bull dookie that is fear locking that is a Warlock; And I could open up a shop selling reasons I hate Paladins and their over powerednessness.

Listen, I think shadow does decent DPS and their mechanics are strong. But the cooldown on our silences and fears are waaaaaaay to long for the lack of power they have. Our PW: Shield even when spec'd into lasts about 2 seconds. My main role in pvp is to follow around other DPS and spam dispel to piss off a paladin when they realize all of their buffs and HoTs are gone.

But all-in-all priests are and have always been a supporter class. Never one you look to take into battle, but one where it just to convenient to have one every now and again for mass dispels and uber buffs. I wouldn't mind getting a little love from the PvP world.

This has been another rant by yours truly.

Around Azeroth: Too soon? {WoW}

Jul 5th 2010 10:57AM I think this is a little ridiculous to even consider this a problem. They aren't showing square mile oil slicks floating towards Louisiana in the game. If they were to take this out then they might as well take out the forest fire in Howling Fjord, that is caused by dragons. Off-shore oil drilling isn't going to stop and there have been leaks from rigs in the past. I think that it would be ridiculous to remove something that the world is just going to forget about in a year.

Ready Check: Peer pressure, responsibility and teamwork {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 4:48PM I agree that if you chose to participate in a particular raid on a particular raid, it is a type of agreement as if you were meeting your friends for the movies. I don't, however, whole heartedly agree with the idea that the raid leader is the one most inclined to pull together everyone as a team.

Having grown up with team sports, I know what I look for in a coach. Half the time the raid leader is the guild leaders chum. This doesn't completely rule out leadership skills, but this does end up showing favoritism and elitist actions. I've seen Raid Leaders not accepting veteran raiders because they're newly joined "buddy" is on. Eventually raiding turns into cliques within a guild. One thing I think peer-pressure should be used to stop.

I also have a problem with the word "peer-presure" because that can ultimately become bullying. Threatening a well geared heal or tank to join a raid or get booted from the guild, because they need them, when said player has real-life obligations.

I do not discredit this blog, and I see the validity of all the points in the article. These are just my added points.


The Daily Quest: Burning out {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 8:34AM I think Raiding does it to most people. I never really got into raiding, and have always been a casual PUG player. I enjoy PVP because there is no strict schedule to it. But with Raid guilds YOU HAVE TO BE ON AT WHATEVER TIME THEY SAY! Other wise you get caps lock and they demote you in the guild. I dunno about everyone else but I like to keep my nights and real life spontaneous. WoW is just another video game, if I don't feel like playing, I don't. Nobody needs to give me a lecture if I don't want to play. I'm an adult and so are you. Plus I don't like the power struggles and drama the comes with raids.

So for now, I'm just going to relax and keep it casual. No need to rush to gear, its all going to be obsolete in a few months, and I'm content with not have 10 level 80 alts. I just like nuking mobs in Ice Crown with my Shadow Priest, and doing the random achievements.