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How to make 146g in Maelstrom Crystals in 5 minutes {WoW}

Jan 21st 2012 8:53AM not really seen it on here , but i find just pvp-ing and buying relics for my dk (700 honor per relic) a much easier way to make money off of the crystals on my server. if you pvp hard enough u can buy several a day, im sitting on a large chunk of crystals atm, just because id rather list them all in 1 go rather than after every disenchantment, also i dont have to rely on any1 or spend any money to get them, i bought all the honor gear, i have no use for honor so it goes hand in glove... if the stars align and your a pvp-ing enchanter working on your conquest gear :D

Breakfast Topic: What WoW title would you choose in real life? {WoW}

Jan 11th 2012 7:59AM 1 title id HAVE to have, would be the scarab lord, because its a rare and awesome title

in game i have a few i like, and transmog has made things a little murkier... on my main (a dk), i have the judgement recolours, n with a little rp in mind, take it as im a fallen paladin... so i equip my argent tournament tabard, jump on my argent mount (the one that looks like the paladin one) and put my 'the argent champion' title...

i do like my astral walker title, but need the starcaller one, like it more

Lichborne: 2011 in review for death knights {WoW}

Dec 27th 2011 11:19PM to be fair, if a death knight hits lichborne then surely you would be able to cc him with control undead? situational i agree but im a pvp centric person and i could see its uses

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite 5-man instance of all time? {WoW}

Dec 11th 2011 8:18AM blackrock depths has always been my favorite, yes its massive, but thats why i liked it, back in the day anyway, got annoying if i ran mates in there when i boosted them but i have fond memories of brd in vanilla running with a level appropriate teah.

also stratholme, just because i loved the way it looked, stood out to me at the time

Breakfast Topic: What will you be wearing the first day of transmogrification? {WoW}

Sep 23rd 2011 8:50PM the key is to try roleplay a little, im gonna have my dk rocking out the purple judgement set easily obtainable from heroic and normal tbc dungeons.... topped off with the hammer of the naaru mace...

... like a fallen paladin, got my argent title and argent tabard and argent paladin mount to round it off.

thats as far as roleplaying will go for me. im very excited, looks so good i nwowhead profile viewer:

Encrypted Text: How to run the Molten Front {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 9:03AM i pay my $15 dollars a month to be entertained by you though... swings and roundabouts :)
suck it up, have a smoke, make a coffee/brew, pick your nose, scratch ur arse, anything that keeps you off the game for 5 mins, then get back on with it, as a serious ganker and griefer, i can tell you that after a few minutes, i leave you, and take the next poor sap in my view.

The opposite is true, i have a reputation and it proceeds me, i have been ganked and camped many a time for not being aware of whats about, and its annoying, but i sit back, roll a fat doobie n let them get bored b4 moving on... i have other things to occupy me, nip on my dk, play the ah game n then come bk for revenge shortly there after (u see, they drop their guard thinking you have been forced to log for the night, then bam! ur back for a piece of them)

Its all good fun, more for me but hey, i pay my money to enjoy it how i want to, how you feel is irrelevant to me, as irrelevant as i am to you

Encrypted Text: How to run the Molten Front {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 8:51AM exactly!

Encrypted Text: How to run the Molten Front {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 7:36AM i dont get all the moaning, its serious fun, and like people have mentioned, if ur on a pvp server, suck it n get on with it ;)

i have always been on pvp servers barr 1, n i hated it, pvp servers are ace, for all the ganking i have done on my many rogues, i have been ganked equally as much on my dk... i suck at pvp on my dk, it shows and i get murdered, but what comes around goes around, its a great leveller.

I have done some nasty things to people, purposely spending entire nights ganking, coz i can, im a rogue! stealth was made for it :P non the less i think the molten front ganking is fine, back before org was rebuilt (havent been and tried it since the new org was introduced) i used to sit on my n elf rogue, waiting for the flagged hordies to duel, n just pop up, ambush, vanish n sprint away on the looser... even now i know that was harsh... but i have never had so much fun on wow... ever, and id do it again.

its fun, every now and again i bite off more than i can chew and get laughed at, feel humiliated... but i bounce bk for revenge, i dont see the problem, just take the rough with the smooth ;)

Breakfast Topic: Your first WoW memory {WoW}

Jun 27th 2010 4:04PM my first real memory came at the opening of the gates of AQ, until that point i had ambled thru the game on my troll priest and got to lvl 23 or so, then as i was runnning thru 1k needles me and my m8, who was a fair few levels higher than me... but not high enough, bumped into the giant floating crystals and wanted to inspect, not knowing that this is where giant egyptian monsters spawned to stomp on lost travellers... like my m8 on his hunter... but he managed to buy enough time for me to escape. Thsu was the moment i got hooked well and trully on wow, the fear i had running from said monsters was quite intense for a game... and i wanted more, had a right good laugh