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Ubisoft announces Innergy (which is not a video game) {Joystiq}

Jun 15th 2010 9:10AM This just happened

Today's crossover video: Soul Calibur Star Wars {Joystiq}

Jan 11th 2008 1:12PM Agreed. They should just make a star wars fighter with all star wars characters using the SC engine. It would be cool to see Darth Maul with a dual-saber, or Old Obi-Wan vs Young Obi-Wan. And of course Luke Skywalker, that guy with 4 sabers, etc.

Freak out: Halo 3 arrives tonight {Joystiq}

Sep 24th 2007 2:49PM I'd like to see what type of user-created content people from Joystiq can come up with. I'd definitely join a forge session with anyone here.

Gamertag: Symetrix 360

Halo 3 (pre)-review {Joystiq}

Sep 24th 2007 11:48AM About the graphical "gap" between H3 and GoW: Isn't H3 running at 60fps, while GoW is 30fps?

If so that should make a big difference. I know it was a false rumor that H3 was 1080p, but even 720p at 60fps is going to look, and more importantly play amazing.

A guide to what's on Labor Day weekend {AOL TV}

Sep 1st 2007 1:25PM Dead like me marathon on Sci-Fi 8am-6pm.

Meet Tekken 6's new fatty: Bob {Joystiq}

Aug 29th 2007 2:53PM You're questioning if this is for real, but you're ok with a fighting kangaroo and a guy who's transformed into the devil?

Big Love: Oh Pioneers (season finale) {AOL TV}

Aug 27th 2007 12:49PM I think the "look at you now" line was more to imply that the reason Roman cast Bill out even though he was just a boy was that he saw the potential for Bill to pose a serious threat to Roman in the future--and he was right!

2K addresses BioShock widescreen issue {Joystiq}

Aug 22nd 2007 8:47PM >> The sad part is, everyone here would be happy if the 4:3 were simply a lopped off 16:9

This is a pathetic and tired argument from people who, again, obviously don't actually understand the problem.

A coupe of facts: widescreen monitors are (duh) WIDER than fullscreen monitors.

If, as you say, the fullscreen version was identical to the widescreen version, but with the sides "lopped off", that would actually be CORRECT.

Why? Think about it: that would give the full screen users a more narrow horizontal field-of-view.

Instead, Irrational decided to "lop off" the top and bottom of the screen for widescreen monitors, and leave the horizontal field-of-view the same (read: not any WIDER), which would technically provide a "wide screen" display, albeit with competely screwed up ratios, meaning widescreen gamers experience a "zoomed-in" effect.

I could go on about the details forever, but it seems people just want to complain and blindly defend this game even though they've *clearly* made some mistakes, which, although not game-altering, should at least be addressed.

2K addresses BioShock widescreen issue {Joystiq}

Aug 22nd 2007 5:44PM It amazes me that people still think this is some made-up problem that people are just complaining about for the sake of complaining.

So let's get the facts straight: Irrational games says "no no, guys, we didn't crop widescreen, we made fullscreen taller!"

Now, just stop and think about that statement for a second. Is widescreen cropped? Yes. Half-full, half-empty, no matter which way you slice it, they admit that in relation to fullscreen, widescreen is cropped.

What they also admit is that the WIDEscreen ratio does not have a WIDER field of view than full screen.

That means that either full screen users or wide screen users are not recieving a horizontal field of view that is correct for their aspect ratio.

Based on that fact that the character's arms and tattoo (which is relevant to the story) are not shown in widescreen mode, and based on the fact that widescreen feels "zoomed-in", it's pretty clear who is not getting the correct FOV.

None of us widescreen gamers are claiming the game is bad, but you have to remember, for a widescreen owner we are in the minority, and we constantly have to educate people as to what the issues are, and what the correct way to implement widescreen is, since a lot of companies (*cough EA*) feel it is acceptable to implement widescreen in such a manner that we get a worse experience than fullscreen users.

And with forums like this, you practically have to have a PHD in mathematics in order to explain what should be a simple situation without somebody claiming that you're a chronic complainer.

I guarantee if fullscreen users were getting short-sided they'd be just as upset as widescreen users are now. Ignorance may be bliss, but a little bit of education on the issue might help before you go making statements about situations you have no understanding about.