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Know Your Lore Special: Tales of the Eastern Kingdoms {WoW}

Mar 9th 2007 3:44PM Just to take my geekiness to the next level, Hammerfall wasn't named such by the Humans that built it after the War and made the Internment camp. It got its name because when Thrall and Orgrim Doomhammer freed the camp, Doomhammer fell in battle, and gave the title of Warchief to Thrall before dying. Hence the name Hammerfall.

Win a copy of Vista Ultimate {Download Squad}

Jan 30th 2007 4:31PM I wonder how WoW will work on Vista?

Do industry professionals buy new or used? {Joystiq}

Oct 23rd 2006 11:18AM I have made it a point never to buy a used game again until the stores that sell them raise the buy back price of the games I would turn in. Why should I give them $30-$40 of pure profit? I'm sick of turning in a game, getting a measly $5-$10, and before I leave the store the game I just "sold" them is on the shelf for $40. Buying used games used to be such a good idea, but now even the used games are only about $10 less then they are brand new, with a busted case, and a ripped manual. Used games have become a terrible rip-off and I will only buy new until that changes. Plus, buying new supports the games I like to see made.