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Caption This! {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2007 10:03AM The New and Improved Murlock! Now with new super Comfort-Flex Wings! More absorbent than a Regular Murlock!

modern comfort. legendary protection.

Reader UI of the Week: Nikkita {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 9:37AM Wow...snobs. If he/She likes it and enjoys it then relax. Constructive Criticisms FTW! Nothing like stomping peoples Guts from the safety of your keyboard.

Anyway ….way do you keep everything so big? You have bad eyes? I understand the desire to see it all but I have everything really tiny and you can still see it at a glance. might want to try it.

Reader UI of the Week: Justo {WoW}

Aug 21st 2007 9:27AM I like the UI. I like u it seems like to have everything i need or could use visable.

I would scale it all down a bit to give yourself more viewing room. and there are a few addons that can clean up some of the clutter and still allow everything available to click on. (autobar is a big one)

But hey if you like it cool...

its funny how people even here like to put people down cause they dont do it like they do it.

The ten commandments of honorable dueling {WoW}

Jul 20th 2007 11:38AM nice post. I like these rules. I personaly dont like to duel that much but i think if more folks acted like this i would.

All guilds are is dust in the wind {WoW}

Jul 9th 2007 2:02PM this is the worst....

"Most of my friends come from a guild that had served us well and gotten old with us, and leaving it behind just felt like the right thing to do. Someday our new guild will get old and we'll leave it behind to do other things -- and that's okay. "

so no dedication, no commitment, no Loyalty? wow. im not saying to give blood for your guild however, this is the additude that can't stand.

only in wow is this ok. i have played many MMo's with other groups and have been from start to finsh and im still in touch with them. we helped each other and played.... became friends.

but your additude is just use them until you get what you want then when it gets hard or it takes work ...leave. people like you and people like this additude ruin this game.

to me this isn't zen.....its bullshit and lazy.

Battleground rewards meant to be "a tier behind" arena, PvE gear {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 3:40PM This makes sense to me. It doesn't take a lot of effort to get BG stuff (about the same as running instances).

Arena do take time like raiding....So i think it is fair.

Of course everyone wants purples with no effort so of course the Tin foil folks are going to cry.

How to protect your system from keyloggers [Updated] {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 9:39AM I got mine after not one trouble in almost 3 years of playing.


UI Add-ons. After the Patch i was in a hurry to get some updates and i ran a .EXE (dumb i know) of someones COmpulation that was on Wow interface. it had a Kl in it.

So be careful of your Add-ons as well.

Blood Furnace boss event now with ExtraHardSauce(tm) {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 9:32AM i use to love this site cause most comments were well thought out and helpful...seems we now have the A$$hats for the OF here to ruin it for all...

L2p...or L2 be a litte nicer.

Voice chat coming in 2.2.0 {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 9:27AM tin foil hats fTL!

this is a great idea and who knows this might work out better than any expects.

and if you dont like it im sure they will allow you to mute.

Breakfast Topic: Gambling with prospecting? {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 9:21AM i have a guild mate that said the same thing and so i thought to give it a try....

out of 4 stacks of ore i got two Blue gems and a bunch of Greens.

to me it wasnt worth the trouble. I can sell the ore for 30g a stack and the gems only bring about 40-50 on my server. so in hind sight i lost almost 20 gold.

but that is just me so....i know each server is different.

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