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"There are no simple solutions" -- Design diversity in WoW {WoW}

Oct 15th 2011 9:13PM I think you said it well. Blizzard got it backwards. The fact that challenging content exists only in groups is big reason why so many players get bored. Some would argue that this WoW is an MMO and it required grouping, however I think Blizzard would have more success if more difficult solo content was available. I see no reason why Blizzard couldn't make epic and legendary weapons available through solo content that perhaps could only be used when outside of a group or raid. Items that would be useful for farming, soloing old dungeons, etc. This would give plenty of non-raiders (and raiders) something interesting to do. Running the same two dungeons (which takes on average about 1 hour) every day for some valor is boring. And here's another suggestion ... how about having separate queues for those looking to do dungeon achievements?