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Breakfast Topic: Real ID or Real bad IDea? {WoW}

Jul 8th 2010 2:22AM Zach! How you can even begin to think that WoW is anything like Facebook? There are some big differences.

1. When you join Facebook you KNOW that you are creating a profile for YOU as a person with your real life details, as opposed to WoW where you join to play a game with a bunch of other people you may or may not make friends with.
2. At the very least with Facebook you have some control over what you post, what you put up and choose to share and to some degree with who. Real ID removes any option of choice. Its all or nothing, now including the forums.

Real ID is nothing like Facebook and should not try to be a Facebook. The games Blizzard makes is what people are after and if we want to share our personal details with strangers we need to have the choice over what, when and who its gets shared with. As it stands, you can't. Either people you friend with through Real ID know everything or you don't us it at all and they know nothing.

People using Facebook created accounts there with the knowledge that its all about their real life, whereas people in WoW join up with the knowledge of a game, not another social media hurdle to try and control.

Call for Submissions: Open call for article proposals {WoW}

Jul 5th 2010 6:12AM Awww, come now guys. Whats with the US only thing? I would love to make a submission as a guest columnist to but am a little hamstrung by this limitation. There really are a lot of people outside the US that could make some awesome contributions.

I know this probably has nothing to do with yourselves but rather AOL's Seed App, but is there any reason why you continue to stick with them instead of trying a more "worldly" option? :P