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Is it time to kill pure DPS? {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 7:10PM I could see warlocks tanking in meta form and their many draining abilities that would allow them to regain some health. Their demon armor already increases healing by 20%. Their damage reduction cooldowns could be the little demons spawned by Bane of Doom, sacrificing them for either a shield, healing increase, or damage reduction. Warlocks already have a passive damage reduction in their soul link, and the voidwalker could provide a shield (the voidwalker transfers all its attacks into threat for the warlock plus a small heal for each damage done).

In another note, wouldnt it be cool for a warlock to heal with health funnel?

Breakfast Topic: Forgotten bastions of antiquity {WoW}

Aug 21st 2011 11:25AM I plan to mix and match anything to make my warlock look unique and scary, gathering all the tier gear that I can get my hands on. I plan to have three sets, each a different color, depending on what I might want to see my character wear for the day.

The Queue: One-man WoW instances {WoW}

Aug 16th 2011 12:36PM Truthfully, it all depends on what class you play and what their strengths and weaknesses are and what fight it is. As a demo lock, trash in wrath heroics are not a problem due to the simple fact that demonology aoe just rips apart the trash. However, certain bosses can pose problems simply due to the fact that I am wearing a dress. My lock can solo Magtheridon, by using demo aoe to obliterate the five adds at the beginning, then slowly life draining mag until he's dead. On my dk, however, I do not have the damage to kill the adds, so I must just outheal them with crazy death strikes. So it all depends on what class you are and what the mechanics of the fight are.

Arcane Brilliance: The two-button mage myth {WoW}

Jul 17th 2011 1:29AM Okay, so I understand the whole mages vs warlock thing, and I can understand berating of the other class through means such as the hot topic warlock etc... However, I wish that you would not bash on the warlock rotations, which are generally complex in their own regards, such as the mage rotations. I am perfectly fine with bashing on class style (hell, I do it all the time) but bashing a rotation simply because it is a warlock rotation doesnt seem to make sense to me.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the battle between mage and warlock, and I truly enjoy reading Archmage Pants' articles, but could we not attack rotations? (And yes, I realize that this is an attack on warlocks simply because mages are generally thought of as a two button spec, which you so kindly proved everyone wrong, nevertheless I expect to be downvoted to oblivion, where my warlock self gains his power).

About the Bloggers: Alex Ziebart {WoW}

Jul 13th 2011 2:25PM I would have to agree with you on what Blizzard can do better. I cant go through Uldum ever again on any alts except for the first couple quests, its just extremely boring to me (which is annoying because I am a huge ancient egyptian mythology and architecture fan). Blizzard needs to be a little more creative with their enemies than just the Old Gods. The Old Gods are some of my favorite raid bosses with some of the strangest mechanics implemented so far, and Im a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan, but I do not think that everything should be related to them. Give us an enemy that is constantly screwing us over, constantly winning his battles, all with his mind sane and truly believing that what he does is for the greater good. Make it so it feels like I felt when Illidan was killed: sad that he was gone, but knew that it had to be done. The Old Gods, in my opinion, should be the baddies biding their time, inevitably emerging as an enormous threat, not as a "lesser" being influencing every single bad thing that happens in this game.

The Queue: Loading {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2011 1:44PM @ mateo

I believe you mean that we need to file the comments to the Redundancy Department of Redundancy

Breakfast Topic: Why did you start playing WoW? {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2011 12:48PM Warcraft 3

About the Bloggers: Tyler Caraway {WoW}

Jun 29th 2011 9:46PM It sounds like you guys hav a lot of fun writing these articles, keep them coming!!

(O, and mages are the second worst mistake of blizzard, the worst being removing drain mana)

Blood Pact: How to be a true warlock {WoW}

Jun 20th 2011 7:29PM This post alone is reason enough to like this columnist. Here, take my soulstone. I swear its for your own good...