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Breakfast Topic: Real ID or Real bad IDea? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2010 8:12AM Anyone who thinks we're being paranoid is probably named John Smith.

One in 12 women are raped. One in five are stalked. Someone's name is highly dangerous information to give out on a public forum filled with a large number of socially maladjusted basement dwellers and general Internet sociopaths.

You have the intelligence of a paramecium if you think nothing bad will happen to anyone because of this stupid policy.

You have the moral integrity of a NAMBLA member if you think the responsibility for the personal safety of online video game players lies solely on them or their parents.

What if you're dumb or naive? What if your parents are negligent? You deserve the stalking, harassment, public humiliation, racism, rape, or murder that's coming your way?

Hey, as long as it's justified by the baseless assumption that people will magically be constructive when they have to post under their real (or at least convincingly fake) names. As long as you get to prattle on the General forums without needing to have the balls to stand up to some random anonymous troll, it's fine if the Abduls and Mohammeds get called sand ****** on their server's trade, and Jennifer is asked to show her rack to everyone in the WSG they're in.