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Breakfast Topic: PvE to PvP Transfers? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2006 9:34AM What do you care if someone transfers from PVE to pvp? They're plunking down 25 bucks to do it. Not only that but if you're a l33t pvper then so what if a PVE n00b transfers over and you kill him whenever you see em? I've got 2 60's on PVE servers, and 2 on pvp servers. Dont flatter yourself it's not that different in levelling between PVE and PVP the last char I got up to 60 on a pvp server was also my fastest lvl 60 to date... Some of us chose PVE servers because the initial paradigm of WoW development was that pvp would be a BG sort of thing. The PVP ruleset was never intended to exist at the start(alpha/early beta stage), it was added due to popular demand. So some of us created our first chars on PVE servers because of that fact. Later I moved to a PVP server not for world pvp but because BG's were dead on my other server, and PVP servers tended to have the most active BG population. So now i've got a shaman i'm willing to pay 25 bucks to get moved over to my PVP server, how does me paying my money severely impact your playing experience?

My biggest complaint is that people complain about how unfair it is when they just shouldnt care. So what if someone spends extra money to move a char, if they're a n00b then pwn em when you see em. If they're not, then what's the difference of them spending a month lvling a new char or bringing an old one over? Them moving a char does not impact your life.