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Breakfast Topic: PvE to PvP Transfers? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2006 10:12AM I've levelled a toon on PVE realm, and got to pvp rank 11 with it. Then I thought maybe levelling a toon on PVP realm would be fun and exciting, so I did. Tbh I was rather disappointed with world pvp. Apart from the occasional getting harassed by ?? allies, not alot happened. I think in my quest to 60 I've had maybe 5 'honorable' pvp encounters.

I see more pvp action in 10 minutes of BG than in 60 levels on a pvp realm.

I think if people want to transfer from PVE to PVP it should be possible, getting to 60 isn't alot harder on a PVP realm in my opinion. And really, the people that WANT to transfer to PVP, are mostly those that are good at pvp and want to experience it in the wild.