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Breakfast Topic: Real ID or Real bad IDea? {WoW}

Jul 8th 2010 11:33AM The forum change seems to utterly fail at cost- benefit. Yeah, it's great to have less trolls on the forums, but at the risk of all the other problems that can come along with having your name attached to every post you make? Sorry, but trolls don't bother me enough that I'd want to make that trade off.

I also wonder how fair this new system will be for people who have technical problems but don't want to give out their real name to thousands of strangers. Waiting for a Blizzard rep on the phone can take forever (especially around patch days, when most people seem to have problems), and Blizzard actively encourages users on its website to use the forums to seek solutions. I myself have done this several times with great success- Blizzard employees got back to me much faster on the forums than over the phone or by email. I hope Blizzard is planning to increase the number of representatives available by phone and email and answer requests from these channels more promptly, because I think I won't be alone in switching from someone who only uses the forums for technical support to someone who never uses the forums.