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Quested mounts and forms to be trainable in Patch 3.0.3 {WoW}

Oct 21st 2008 8:17PM This makes me so sad - I have one of each class and I really enjoyed all of those, particularly the druid flight form quest. It's still one of my favorite quest lines in the game and it really forces a druid to be a DRUID and take advantage of all their options. Even if they're not taking it out, there's no incentive to do it and most people won't bother. It's sad.

I wish instead of removing the need to do the quest lines, they just changed the final steps to not requiring instances so that there's still some class-definable content in the game.

Officers' Quarters: Friends or content {WoW}

Sep 29th 2008 4:23PM The "you can go back and see the raids when you're 70" are completely ignoring the fact that for some people, the challenge is part of the fun. There's a reason why I never take my level 70 through Uldaman, even though it's not an instance I did while leveling. I want to experience the content, not see the content.

Second, I disagree with the OP that offering to make a non-70 alt an officer is an insult. It completely depends on the role of the officer in the guild. In a non-raiding guild (this is a casual, non-raiding guild that hasn't even killed the second boss in Kara) - levels do not and should not matter in this type of guild. Officers in a casual guild like this can provide advice, mediate in conflicts, and perform any of their regular functions without being 70. The ONLY benefit to being 70 is having the experience of playing through certain types of content and being able to help others - and it doesn't matter which character it's on. I have my alts in an alt-guild and my main in a raiding guild. When one of our newbies asks me something, my answer doesn't change based on what I'm playing!

Also, I think that pre-Wrath is probably a great time to consider switching guilds if you want to go harder-core and see more content. First, you'll see whatever you see until the expansion. But, even more importantly, it provides you some real time to get to know your new guildies before and during the leveling process in Wrath, setting you up well to begin raiding properly once you're 80. Or, alternatively, it lets you discover they're not the people for you, letting you know to level up with your old friends.