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Breakfast Topic: Real ID or Real bad IDea? {WoW}

Jul 9th 2010 10:31AM all these qq on forums .. makes me wonder how long people will actually be able to keep that thread up
..week.. maybe two and thats it. I'm pretty people who thought about realid had it in plans for a while
and most likely thought about possible outcome such as massive players' anger and what can they do..
now lets see - people who cancel their accounts, especially the long played how long will they really be able
to go on without wow or friends they made there(not everyone has irl connections after all)..and
for the people who said they won't post if this feature will be implemented , don't worry, we all know
how we make a kid do what we want? ofc, give him a candy and in our case this candy can be anything starting from
"make 100-300 useful posts and get a new epic mount/gold/title" sounds nice? How about using players' desires to be
unique, to get something that only few got againts them? There always be people who would fall for
that and see - the forums all happily alive again..From the legal aspect I'm sure blizz or that
Cotick guy have their own lawyer and when realid was just a mere idea they made sure to cover themselves up.
The rumors about bliz devs against realid - kind of hard to believe, why? Because when they announced
it, it didn't look like they spoke about only was something already existing at least in alpha state
and lets see - it takes time to think about all aspects, it also takes time to develop it and it also
takes time to do a basic tests..highly doubt that some external people were involved.. so even if gms/cms
might be new to it and angry etc. the devs most likely knew before whats going to happen.
Don't you think they expected that people will be angry and how to deal with it? People like Cotick
and the rest, can't be stupid to get high positions and the part of the requirements is knowing
how to manipulate people to do what they want. So we must ask ourselves what can they do next and how
we deal with it.Because starting from the forums it can as well involve the game itself in a ways of
"got new achievement/guild progress/epic item? share it with friends on facebook"..
the other strange thing is that this change could have been much more graduate starting from
"lets let people post under their real names if they want", than "lets give some cool stuff to people
who do that" and finally "lets force everyone to post under their real names" - this would have caused
much less drama and it is now..maybe they do want our attention to be focused on realid rather then
on something else? Something they don't want us to see?