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Shifting Perspectives: Why (or why not) to play a night elf druid {WoW}

Nov 4th 2010 7:26AM Great article. Hits the spot. Really, really looking forward to other ones. Especially since I really don't know what to expect from Troll druids. It's great to see more lore-centric, "casual"...I dunno how to describe it...writing at my favorite column. Not to say more theorycraftic articles are any bad! Most my tips on gear and talents come from here!

I fell in love with Night elves at WC3. Kind of agree they lost a lot of their edge and cool-factor come WoW but they're still great. I remember rather hating the appearance of my male night elf druid at first...but it grows on you. I like it now. Some seem to love it, others seem to hate it.

And it's true that as a druid player I'm very situtionally aware. When playing as a cat popping tranquility, battle ressing and then getting all grizzly on mobs if all else fails. It's such an incredible moment to save a group or raid from wipe. Really, the druid flavor :) And it might be just my self-serving memory but I rarely wipe, fail yes, but no wipes.

Shifting Perspectives: Pulling 101: Deeper into the dungeon {WoW}

Jul 29th 2010 5:12AM "ferret on meth"

*thumbs up*

I don't know how lucky you are with your new cross-realm battlegroups but mine sucks monkeyballs. The instancing experience dropped from 'mostly great fun' to 'occasionally bearable'. So I feel a bit bad about really encouraging new tanks :/ Sometimes you get a really fun group, maybe 10% of the time. When it used to be 90% of the time. That being said you can live with most groups. I just don't see what's the fun in that. Thank you Blizz for Crap Finder. /endofrant

And I'd like to disagree on "pulling away from DPS' is a sign of a nice person" statement :D It is when they're targeting your target, which occasionally DOES happen. If you loose aggro on that one then the chances are you're the one doing something wrong.

But great article! I didn't know about that critter trick! Smart.

Shifting Perspectives: Pulling 101: Assessing the group {WoW}

Jul 21st 2010 7:43AM It's such a shame tanking's much too often a stressful and unsatisfying experience these days with PuGs. I say 'these days' cause the new cross-realm DF just...mutilated the experience for me. These instances used to be fun! :)

I don't have experience from tanking with warrior but the way I see the bears suffer most from the need to build up aggro. It's even more annoying since with decently geared and specced bear you could take insane amounts of mobs at once...but no. I encourage fellow bears to be fair but swift with dealing justice in the group! You are, after all, the hardest one to replace. I've had to do "vote me or vote XXX out+ /ignore" trick one too many times with ninjas and wipe-inducing-DPSes.

But damn when you find a good healer to instance with (preferably a druid of course ;) ...then it gets fun! I don't even really care of the "boring" rotation. It's fun enough to see dozens and dozens of mobs -trying- to get your HP to drop.

Breakfast Topic: Way better than my first time {WoW}

Jul 10th 2010 8:23AM As a (relatively) new player not bored to death of the content I don't value new DF too much. It was fun to play around for a time but it gets old. I do miss the days when even low level dungeons were a challenge, you had to take time to put up a group, you got to know people from YOUR realm and dungeon blues were actually not something you wore in every slot.

So now I'm leveling some of my characters with a lot of questing. Much of the content is still fresh for me so it's interesting enough to go through. Especially as a roleplayer! I provide for myself through professions instead of taking the OP random rewards or dungeon blues at the earliest level possible.

It's fun and more challenging and I still do dungeons at their "greens" so as not to get the most powerful of items or level up just by instance grinding. I love the fact that this way you're actually getting something from BS and LW profs while leveling.

And yes Paladins are great at leveling(everything)! But I've been positively suprised by most other classes once you get hang of them. At the later stages druid becomes very powerful with feral spec. You get a chance to either take on insane amounts of trash or to dispose single mobs very effectively one by one...with self-heals and great utility to boot! And prowl's surprisingly useful to avoid "unnecessary" encounters while soloing.