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The Classifieds: Scilla guilds rally for breast cancer awareness {WoW}

Oct 6th 2010 4:21PM Reminds me of the Ex Cinis Cineris feature from last year.

The Queue: All the single ladies {WoW}

Jul 12th 2010 4:03PM TL;DR: Is there anything that can be done about random dungeon griefers?
Long version: If there is an opposite version of Random Acts of Uberness then here ya go. I ran into 3 trolls in one day. The first two were a team (Helandfiree and Jeden on Hydraxis both pallies) We popped into Normal VH and they said "you 3 (dps) can 3man the instance, we'll just sit here." When no one moved they started the dungeon, waited for 3 portals to open then pulled them all over to us then bubbled. When anyone tried to res they'd repeat the process. The one pally (Jeden) eventually solo'd the whole thing. Their reasoning is that they wanted to 2man it but they wanted the extra xp from the dungeon finder.

The second was just your standard AFK tank. Once the druid tank finally came back into FoS he pulled 2 packs, cat-form sprinted away then went invis to wipe the group. He did it twice before the kick timer was up and we booted him.

Opening a ticket does nothing given that I literally had a ticket open for 3 days without it being answered. And /ignore'ing is purely reactive and you still have to stick with them for the rest of the run. DPS queues are 20 minutes if you're lucky and leaving with deserter AND the queue is not an option.