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Activision confirms 22 more GH5 tracks, details pre-order bonuses {Joystiq}

Jul 17th 2009 3:49AM Godsake, when are they gonna put some Racer X or even just Paul Gilbert on there...
Some serious shreddage!

Guitar Hero; Shred Edition
Paul Gilbert, Dave Mustaine, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Kerry King, Alexi Laiho, Kirk Lol@hammet and any other Shred Guitarists!

Omg i want to play paul gilbert on guitar hero T_T

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (now with more Guitar Hero II) {Joystiq}

Apr 24th 2009 6:43AM If they gave a shit about anyones preferences they woulda released Guitar Hero 1,2,Rock The 80's as Downloadable Content Track Packs.

But no they have to go and release a stupid fucking Smash Hits.

No Bonus Songs My Arse...Thats why TTFAF is one of the guitar hero 3 tracks to be on ths.

Rock Band's got better DLC...All That Remains track pack,Bodom,Megadeth..

The fuck's Guitar Hero got?
Plus 44 - Lycanthorpe
The Killers - Human
and thats it....

The iPod family cemetery {Engadget}

Oct 24th 2006 6:00PM and all them sucks