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Gold Capped: The pinch {WoW}

Jul 12th 2010 9:12PM I Think playing the ah is fun and can be very rewarding (you know this is coming) BUT ....
the majority of players who dominate the AH market are guys like you, who have driven up the price of even the most mundane things to extortionate prices... congrats .... its only going to be people who have been playing the game for a long time and usually have multi characters and/or accounts.

Don't get me wrong, this is great forall the guys who do the same thing, everyone wins in the end and the money flows ... but these extortionate prices are well beyond the means of new players. Sure these newbies can look up and find out how its done and ever so slowly the get the hang of it and they start playing the same game, but in doing so the prices continue to rise.

Guys, personally I think its about time that those with the power start using it responsibly. Today for example, I saw Linen Cloth being sold on ah for 120gp per stack,
I mean really, we know its not going to sell, but its just and example of what I mean about the prices going crazy! wool cloth minimum price at the moment is at 1gp50sp per item, and some of the lowest gems (ie moss agate, tigerseye etc) are being sold for 9 or 10gp each! Seriously, its killing the newer players to the game, its becoming increasingly difficult for them to even buy a single item so that they can level up their skills unless they go out and grind it constantly themselves, who cares right? and before you say it, No we didn't have to go out and grind it all, when I first started, sure some of the items came on at high prices but in the main, it was fairly decently priced. When we needed to just get a couple of items off AH so that we could level up a skill by a couple of points, more than likely we needed to save a bit but it could be done easily in few hours of play.

Now, these new players have to work for days just to buy a single item off of the ah.

This is a GAME guys, you don't need Millions of gold pieces sitting in your bank .... its really sad to see a game that I once loved slowly going down the pan due to greedy, unscrupulous players who have mostly been playing this game for years, and like me can remember those decent days of reasonably priced items on the ah, but for some reason, now that they have reached the lofty heights of having several characters at level 80, got all the gear they could want now dominate the ah as if it were real life.
What makes me laugh the most is that I only came back on because I was given 7 days free, in an attempt to draw me back to the game after not having played it in nearly a year.
I thought, Hell, why not ... lets see if they have spiced it up any in all this time (basically I got bored and found that all of the updates had made the game too easy... amongst other reasons). To be honest, it wasn't much of a surprise to see it hadn't got any better but had in fact gotten worse .... and then I went on to ah (because one of my characters is a lowly level 40ish paly miner/Bs) and was disgusted at the prices on there (even though I do have a few hundred on that character, I wasn't going to waste it at the prices I was seeing)
I think that between all of my characters, I probably have a few thousand gold ... never been too interested to add it all up .... which compared to most people these days, is completely insignificant BUT guys, its no wonder that this game has earned the title "where 40 year old virgins unite"
Don't get me wrong, its great that you guys are SO involved in the game... I think its a tribute to the designers of the game. You want to be multi-millionaires on a computer game? Great, go for it! But how about you all do it in a sensible way, that allows those newbies to come on and enjoy the game as much as you guys do .... how about for example, you don't just dominate but actually have some sort of organisation that spreads across how ever many guilds and determine to keep a stable economy.
otherwise I see a time coming when the flow of new players will slowly dwindle and then it wont be the "40 year old virgins" it will be the 50 ... then the 60 ... obviously I doubt that you guys would be sad enough to keep going that long .... well most of ..... well some ... ok a couple of you wont, but also I dont think that Blizzard will keep a game going once the sales figures start going down hill, They will just come up with something new and start again. Its down to you guys to make the worlds of Kalimdor and ..... the other one .... a decent place and stable place that people want to come to, at the moment its like the dark-ages, all anarchy and tiny little fiefdoms. Make it a United states/United nations or what ever .... you old timers could really DO something with this game instead of accumulating wealth like tight fisted misers, squabbling over the scraps and slowly killing the game from the inside out (while blizzard do it from the outside in!)

Any way, I am more than sure that you have heard more than enough from me!
just as I am more that sure that many will disagree (or just piss themselves laughing) but whatever, enjoy your game, I'll see you around (well probably not ... unless you leave that computer some time)
Take care one and all
See you next tuesday seignor ;o)