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Lionhead 'testing and finalizing' Fable 2 patch {Joystiq}

Dec 3rd 2008 7:18PM My kid just stands around and never moves, talks, or responds to interactions. So either I need to find him a psychiatrist in Albion, or it's a bug.

Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades shreds retail November 16 {Joystiq}

Oct 6th 2008 10:05PM Queen? Queen? Queen?

As if the Bon Jovi pick wasn't enough to win me over, they have to go and get Queen? TELL ME MORE.

Stuff Magazine reveals new Guitar Hero World Tour tracks {Joystiq}

Aug 5th 2008 2:40PM Bullet with Butterfly Wings is the song I've been waiting to hear about--the song that proves once and for all that the leaked list wasn't completely accurate.

I do think there was some truth there, since Light My Fire and Beat It were on it, but it's good to know that there surprises left.

Rumor: Vader DLC bringing dark side to Xbox 360 Soul Calibur IV {Joystiq}

Jul 25th 2008 7:16PM I just want to point out--a screen like that would be easy as hell to photoshop. Could definitely be fake.

Rumor: Guitar Hero World Tour full set list {Joystiq}

Jul 24th 2008 12:30PM I don't buy it. They would never call the emo songs the "QQ Tour".

Besides, I refuse to believe they would get an Eagles song that isn't Hotel California. And dude...Car Chase City? Really? THERE IS A WHOLE OTHER TENACIOUS D ALBUM WITH BETTER SONGS.

Rock Band 2 features no-fail option {Joystiq}

Jul 16th 2008 9:06PM Hasn't this been a cheat in every Guitar Hero ever? Did Rock Band 1 not have this? Is that why it's news?

Maybe if there's no cheat involved and it was there from the get-go, that could be somewhat relevant. But since it's called an "unlockable", this sounds like exactly the same thing it's always been. So not news.

Rock Band 2 on-disc track list revealed, features over 80 songs {Joystiq}

Jul 14th 2008 3:12PM This is an alright list. Float On is great, Lump is great, Peace Sells is great. I am, however, heartbroken by the continued lack of classic Tenacious D. Would it kill them to get Tribute?

Fight the Foo with the Rock Band 2 gameplay debut {Joystiq}

Jul 12th 2008 2:49PM Yup, that looks like Rock Band alright.

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup has a snake in a box {Joystiq}

Jun 8th 2008 9:05PM If Team Fortress Pooh does not win, I lose faith in the internet.

Joyswag: PlayStation 3 (40GB) {Joystiq}

Jun 2nd 2008 7:09PM I know a guy in the alley behind my house. He always has the good stuff.