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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup has a snake in a box {Joystiq}

Jun 8th 2008 9:05PM If Team Fortress Pooh does not win, I lose faith in the internet.

Joyswag: PlayStation 3 (40GB) {Joystiq}

Jun 2nd 2008 7:09PM I know a guy in the alley behind my house. He always has the good stuff.

Laying the Burning Legion to rest {WoW}

May 26th 2008 6:45PM Yeah, my impression was that Kil'jaeden doesn't actually die in the Sunwell. You just beat him and kick him back through the portal.

Video: The drums of Guitar Hero World Tour [update] {Joystiq Xbox}

May 23rd 2008 3:24PM Most exciting to me is that these guys being in the video is pretty much confirmation that they'll have songs in the game. I figured the Police were sticking to Rock Band at this point, and it's good to see they aren't.

If this game can put together the songlist and do the DLC right, I might abandon Rock Band. The guitar in Guitar Hero just feels better, and carrying that over to drums would be awesome.

Rock Band DLC: European tracks galore {Joystiq Xbox}

May 16th 2008 3:37PM I know what it means. I'm pissed that it's a cover version and not the master track.

The song's from 1997. I seriously doubt that the masters don't exist any more. There is no excuse for this.

South Park Rock Band tracks ditched {Joystiq Xbox}

May 16th 2008 3:31PM I just want a D.V.D.A. song, I don't really care which game it's in.

Rock Band DLC: European tracks galore {Joystiq Xbox}

May 16th 2008 3:29PM ..."as made famous by Blur"?

Oh, FUCK YOU, HARMONIX. That song is recent enough, there's no excuse for this.

Microsoft's Shane Kim fine with no Xboy {Joystiq}

May 15th 2008 10:00PM Hey, Microsoft--if Windows Mobile is so important to you, where the hell is Live for mobile? That's the main reason I bought a Windows Mobile phone, and it still doesn't exist. I want Uno on the go, dammit.

Game Informer snags first pic of Guitar Hero IV drums {Joystiq}

May 14th 2008 3:59PM Wireless drums? I approve.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe crossing over in Fall '08 {Joystiq}

Apr 18th 2008 7:14PM To answer your philosophical question: no. Absolutely not.

I hope they do a good job of rewriting the fighting engine, and it would be nice to have something to fill the void of Marvel vs. Capcom...but a Mortal Kombat game without blood and gore is hardly a Mortal Kombat game at all.