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Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 10:28AM A very well written perspective.

As to your analysis, I would fall under the 'professional tank'. I don't raid, because simply put, I have no interest in it.

So I spend my life dwelling 5 man heroic dungeons. I've got all the gear I need (drops-rep-crafted).

The CTA is not an incentive at all to get me to tank in the LFD.
When I use the LFD tool, I always do so with my brother and/or a friend (DPS). Why on earth would I queue solo?

Yes, the CTA system will introduce a lot of new players to the tanking game, players with access to an offspec. Remember these are the same people who have access to the offspec, but are not using it. Because they don't like to tank.

So now you will get these people into your group as a tank. More tanks with DPS gear anyone? You thought it was bad before? Wait and see ... The 'good' tanks, the 'professionals' ... they are already out there, tanking with/for their friends/guilds.

When patch 4.1 hits, they'll be busy with the new troll dungeons. As for that void? The shortage of tanks? That will be filled with people who don't like to tank, but want fast queues and a goodiebag.

Choose my Adventure: The force is strong in this one {Massively}

Jul 17th 2010 7:35AM To bad you're only going to play for about two months. There's so much to see now in the NGE Galaxies, it's going to take more time to actually enjoy the game.

As a combat character you should definately do the legacy quests, they will show you around (Tant, Naboo, Cor ..) and will net you a decent profit. Also Jabba's themepark, Nym's themepark (a bit dull but cool rewards) and lastly the Rebel / Imperial themepark are fun to do with a friend.

As people have mentioned, space is cool to hang out. Getting to master pilot will take dedication, but it's rewarding at the end. Also the added content at Nova Orion for Master pilots will keep you busy for a while.

If you're a collection freak, then you can really go allout in Galaxies. So many cool / weird collections to do.

I just got back to the game as well (a while ago), and I remember the game pre CU and NGE (pistoleer/smuggler here). And I have to be honest, I miss the old game on certain occasions, but the game as it is today is equally fun, in a different way. So much to do, so much content (that wasn't there in the 'old' game). Yep the CURRENT dev team has done a great job. How great a job? I resubbed my 3 accounts, that's how great (in my book anyway).

Yay Galaxies :p

PS: What server are you playing on?