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Cataclysm Beta: New videos of druid, rogue and warlock tier 11 armor {WoW}

Oct 5th 2010 10:59AM I actually see where they were coming from for the rogue set... ethereals / wind elementals are quick, and, yes, sneaky. It just feels unbalanced, top-heavy. If there were wisps of glow coming off of the boots, and when you ran they left trails behind (like some of the mounts do), then THAT would be teh awesomest.

Breakfast Topic: Why don't you RP? {WoW}

Jul 21st 2010 2:26AM Spending an hour on backstory can be nice, but it can also be nice to just jump in, and see what a random character says to you. Make the toon first, react second, construct backstory last--or even only when necessary. I find this works best with "average people" sort of characters, but then, I also think those are the most fun to play.

Breakfast Topic: Why don't you RP? {WoW}

Jul 21st 2010 2:20AM Another solution, one I've used to interesting effect, is to have your character's past involve some kind of desk job or trade in a city, especially now that Wrath has been out so long. I mean, after all, not all adventurers were always adventurers. I've roleplayed a blood elf who got sick of her clerical job in the Magister's Office and decided to stick it to The Man and joined the Farstriders. So she would have seen things pass across her desk in the process of being a clerk, as well as presumably reading newspapers or hearing town criers' headlines about the conquest in Northrend. She wouldn't necessarily know details, but she would know that a) it exists and b) the Horde has a significant presence there.

Interestingly, I had a Troll lady come up to me and play into my RP, saying she'd met my character once in the Magister's Office before I quit that job. It was fun :D

Twitter developer chat for July 16, 2010, organized by category {WoW}

Jul 17th 2010 11:54AM Because when you give a guild housing, they're going to want furniture.

And then when they've heard about furniture, they'll want to be able to craft it.

So then it's possible to be...

A LUMBERJACK! Leaping from tree to tree down the mighty Stranglethorn! (Where are all the trees going, anyway? To the sawmills.)