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Spiritual Guidance: Does Cataclysm spell the end for Vampiric Embrace? {WoW}

Nov 11th 2010 3:40PM I completely agree with you, trininic, and its sad. Id add Paladins to the list of self-healing capacity with their access to WoG in any spec. Its interesting that Spriest abilities always get nerfed before they realize they've given the exact same capabilities to other classes in a different way.

Spiritual Guidance: Does Cataclysm spell the end for Vampiric Embrace? {WoW}

Nov 11th 2010 3:37PM In my opinion, "bring the player not the class" is forcing a noticeable mediocrity on this game. I understand the philosophy behind it and I like not being forced to bring certain classes along, but classes are losing abilities that have historically defined them, like VE. I don't think being able to heal ourselves out of raid damage breaks the game at all, its simply a class-defining attribute that gives groups a reason other than simply dps meters to bring a you to a raid. Not wanting VE to interfere with Blizzard's "master plan" of gameplay and healing basically is just saying they don't want VE to matter at all. Having it not make a noticeable difference is just that, and it makes it a sad, relic of an ability just sitting there waiting to be removed in a future patch like a Shadow Priest appendix. Why not offer VE buffing abilities that must be taken at a sacrifice to dps increasing abilities? That way if an encounter needs more healing, you can heal more than somebody's knee scrape. The 5% spell haste doesn't make up for this interesting, fun, and unique ability being scrapped in the race for mediocrity.

Spiritual Guidance: Shadow priest mailbag for Cataclysm and 4.0.1 {WoW}

Nov 4th 2010 10:47AM What about the changes to our mastery in the latest patch? I was hoping you'd comment on that some, since they have almost completely changed the mechanic and the name for that matter, which is now Master: Shadow Orb Power. On MMO Champion they have 0's for placeholders on how much the mastery increase MB and MS damage as well as how much DoT damage is increased thereafter (the new mechanic). So, is this change perhaps not implemented yet?

Spiritual Guidance: The ups and downs of the 4.0.1 shadow priest {WoW}

Oct 21st 2010 10:44AM Misinformed raid and party leaders like them are a miserable part of this game, but no reason to change the mechanics of a class. Enough class mechanics have been changed due to people crying about it. SPriests are single target champs, and you can crank out decent trash damage by multi-dotting up, or on shorter fights doing what you can with mind sear, and it never hurts to dot up the main target first. Don't forget that the game is currently not well balanced around 80, and as soon as Cata comes out one level later we will have access to our new burst dps nuke, mind spike. Don't let recount fiends and gearscore elitists ruin this game once and for all.

Spiritual Guidance: The ups and downs of the 4.0.1 shadow priest {WoW}

Oct 21st 2010 10:38AM @Candina

Simple solution for you, re-roll another class with simple, strong AoE like a mage. Obviously you didn't play or don't remember when SPriests didn't even have an AoE like mind sear. Our forte has and always will be (I hope) single target dps, meaning bosses, which are what counts in the first place. If trash is dying in 10 seconds, who cares what your dps is on them, that's simply an epeen wagging contest. Play well, and you'll still come out on top on overall damage by making up for it on the boss fights where it counts.

Spiritual Guidance: The ups and downs of the 4.0.1 shadow priest {WoW}

Oct 20th 2010 4:25PM I for one have had no problems whatsoever with mana or damage, even after the SW:D nerfs (the ninja 6 sec CD was really nasty tho). I have been running heroics like crazy and I am rarely ever beaten on damage, I can think of once or twice that I was. I feel SW:D is right where it needs to be at this point, though it was awesome to do such sick damage with it. It still crits for 17k and you can get 2 quick hits off, I don't know why it would be considered for removal from the rotation for any reason. On top of the fact that if you time your kills well with it you can get plenty of killing blows and the glyph of spirit tap keeps you maxed out on mana. On trash, there is a bit left wanting, and Mind Sear does feel very weak now, but it's the single target that really counts imop. 40%-60% of the damage on any given boss fight and pulling up to about 9k doesn't feel weak at all to me. I really love the changes and the only thing I miss from 3.0 was Imp VE. Granted, I haven't had a chance to test the changes in ICC but I feel if anything that we perform better with larger health pools to work with and set up our rotation. Two thumbs way up so far from me.

Cataclysm Beta: Tier 11 set bonuses revealed {WoW}

Sep 10th 2010 10:03AM Oh boy. I'm not in on the beta to see the numbers on Shadowy Apparition hits/crits or to theorycraft at all about what a 30% increase in their ability to crit would do for our damage, but 30% is a heck of a lot and I sure hope that the Priest 4 set bonus doesn't have us running around like constipated weiner dogs as part of our rotation...

Spiritual Guidance: First impressions of shadow priesting in Cataclysm {WoW}

Aug 5th 2010 6:05PM I was afraid that the rotation would feel too gosh dang much like the same in Cata. The reviews I've heard so far from the beta test don't have me excited at all, same rotation with some new spells that simply "fill in chinks in the priest armor." I'll wait to hear about mastery before I get too depressed but it really just seems like a flashy new shadow weaving that only applies to certain spells instead of all of them =/. I'm wondering, if Fox or anyone has any comments, about VE in the beta... have the numbers been tweaked at all? Does it still feel functional or sort of useless with regards to both self heals while soloing and party/raid heals?

Cataclysm Beta: The latest on shadow priests {WoW}

Jul 18th 2010 2:45PM It is indescribably lame that they are nerfing the effectiveness of a class-defining talent of shadow priests so far into the ground that it borders on uselessness. The removal of improved vampiric embrace in the latest build just stands as further proof to me that Blizzard intends every DPS class to do exactly the same thing, just with a different graphic. With only marginal benefits that are now becoming entirely negligible from classes like the shadow priest whose heals from improved VE really could be considered a reason to bring one along instead of a pure dps class like a warlock to help remove some stress from healers in raids, there may be no reason to bring hybrid classes along at all any more. In their attempt to promote the bring the player not the class philosophy, they are stripping unique, defining abilities down to a bare bones skeletal shell and making certain non-stacking, cookie cutter abilities (like the crit buff from improved SF that won't stack with the boomkin aura already in the game) the only benefit from us hybrids which is an extremely dry and boring way to implement hybrid benefits. 3% raid heals from damage is laughable and insulting, if it remains unchanged, I could very well see myself and other spriests passing up this once central ability altogether, as it will be absolutely no consideration in end game group composition. That combined with the SF block from casting healing spells while in our dps form will make spriests even less viable to bring as a hybrid dps/heals class than a class such as shaman who can throw out heals without suffering a dps reduction. Shadow orbs, mind spike and the apparition have a very gimmicky feel, and are simply damage balancing techniques to fill in holes that already existed in our dps with shiny new graphics (supposedly), not anything new and exciting.