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Know Your Lore: The Eternals part two -- the Loa gods of the trolls {WoW}

Jul 18th 2010 5:35PM The only two in-game loa ever mentioned are (in ZG) Zanza and (patch 3.9) Bwonsamdi.
The only loa mentioned out of game are the Shadow Hunter loa (Shango, Samedi, Ogoun, etc.).

All the Primal Gods we've seen in-game have only ever been called animal spirits, primal gods and other such similar phrasing. Never once were they called Loa.

The players have taken the words Loa and Primal Gods and made them interchangeable.
Until absolutely confirmed that they are interchangeable terms in official sources, I will continue to believe that the Loa are more akin to ancestral spirits who have ascended into a role of power in the afterlife and that the Primal Gods are more akin to the Druidic Great Animal spirits we see in Moonglade and such.