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Cataclysm Beta: Elementary, my dear shaman {WoW}

Jul 18th 2010 8:38PM With Lava Surge wouldn't haste become much more desirable than it already is? Since Flame Shock's DoT benefits from haste in Cataclysm, wouldn't we want as many ticks as possible in order to get more Lava Bursts?

Cataclysm Beta: Restoration shaman talents and specialization {WoW}

Jul 18th 2010 8:17PM @Breaklance: That macro actually does work. Why? Because NS and TF are both off the GCD.

The shock talent is actually viable. Why? Because haste lowers the GCD, and it would only be 200% the amount healed if you were casting LHW. If you had Tidal Waves up and cast Flame Shock on the boss, then immediately cast GHW on the tank, then if you take into account the ~30-40% cast speed increase from raid-level haste rating, it would take all of ~2.2 seconds for a 130% GHW (and the FS+GHW, i might add, takes 24.5% of base mana due to the -75% mana cost of the heal, as opposed to the 30% that GHW takes alone, making it so you DO save mana) and a DoT on the boss, versus a couple of LHWs in 2 seconds. Granted, if it crits, most of it would probably overheal and be rendered useless, but it would work if your tank gets spiked hard and you need a pseudo-Lay On Hands.

Telluric Currents is also not a waste of mana, unless it somehow does less than 6% of your base mana in damage. It says it restores mana equal to 40% of damage done. This means if you do 3000 damage with a lightning bolt, you get 1200 mana in return for 6% of your base mana pool. So if you go OOM, which might actually happen now that we dont have near-infinite mana, if you work in a lightning bolt every couple of GCDs you in fact gain mana and thus increase the longevity of your healing over the course of a fight. As stated by Kuro down there, healadins that go oom just melee the boss to get JoW procs and so regenerate mana. this is basically the same idea, except we get to do it from range. ^_^