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Raid Rx: Mists of Pandaria healing additions, changes, and thoughts {WoW}

Feb 25th 2012 10:11PM "As much as I enjoy rivalries with my plate wearing friends, it is rather nice to see their arsenal expanded with new spells. Paladin AoE healing gets some increased firepower. Remember back in the old days when paladins were expressly labelled as tank healers because that's all that they could do?"

You mean back when the game had some depth to it before they utterly gutted the truly unique aspects of the classes with the downright retarded amount of homogenization? Yeah, I was a Paladin healer back then and I liked that role. It gave me great joy to know that the success of the raid rested on my shoulders. It was the idiot Paladin healers who weren't content with their niche that ruined the game for folks like me. Turning us into some sort of Holy Rogue. I long for the days when you could tell who was a good Paladin healer and who wasn't based on how they used their cooldowns.

Hyperspace Beacon: The hybrid {Massively}

Jun 1st 2011 10:17PM @Tempes Magus
I think you're confused, mate. All the classes are hybrids in the WoW sense, but what this article was focused on was hybrids that have no primary role. Those type wont be worth a damn in this game because the way the stats and items work. Add to the fact that they are using the WoW talent system it means even if you're a hybrid class, which all classes are, you'll still be specialized as a pure role in the dungeons at the cap. Hybrids as they were in early WoW and in EQ just wont be viable in this game because it is going to be balanced around the idea of pure specs.

Make no mistake, this game is a holy trinity game. The way those items are built with the way stats are designed cement the fact that we'll all be forced to play as pures to compete in anything beyond the most simple leveling dungeon. Star WoW is going to have cookie cutter talent builds, rotations, etc. I don't think any intelligent Hybrid fan believes we'll see anything drastically different than what we've seen for the last 7 years with the only MMO dev teams think is worth a damn. It's disheartening, but it's reality.

We hybrids wont shine in a hybrid role. We'll all have to be content specializing as a pure role or we'll end up ignored and/or ridiculed for not being able to compete. This is the design Bioware has selected and for my love of Star Wars I'll deal with it.

Hyperspace Beacon: The hybrid {Massively}

Jun 1st 2011 7:30PM I hate to admit it, but this game is going to be just like Warcraft when it comes to the way classes will play in pve. The easiest way to tell how classes are expected to play in a game is to look at how talent trees are designed, the way stats work,and how they are itemized on gear. Hybrids who perform two roles will be just as shunned in this game as they were in Warcraft and it's a shame. The German dev basically dashed all the hopes of those of us who like this style of play. By saying that hybrids would be "encouraged during the level up play" he's flat out saying that we're going to be useless in the hard stuff. Looking back at the stuff I mentioned before we should have seen this coming. Classes who focus on a single trinity role are going to be superior and they will design the dungeons around them.

Study claims that women spend double what men do on virtual goods {Massively}

Jul 22nd 2010 11:38PM These people haven't met my best friend who likes to buy Gold 200-300 dollars worth at a time. I'm sure he'd give these ladies a run for their...*Puts on sunglasses**Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah*