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The Queue: Is Jaina going to keep the peace? {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2011 6:38PM @Charron: I would put my money on 4.3 dropping on Tuesday, Dec. 20th. It's not like anything else will be happening that day *cough*swtor*cough*.

Two Bosses Enter: High Priestess Azil vs. Cookie {WoW}

Jul 18th 2011 9:23PM I'm fairly sure that rule is precluded by the others. It is absolutely a popularity contest.

"Remember, Two Bosses Enter matchups are all about substance and style, not gameplay, mechanics, and numbers."

As the only compelling stories put forth have resulted in Cookie's victory (although the puns at Cookie's expense are priceless), I'd say he is winning this one.

Two Bosses Enter: Ozruk vs. Eregos {WoW}

Jun 13th 2011 8:41PM @Saf:
I am not sure you are taking the character of these opponents into consideration. One is a member of the Blue Dragonflight: One of the most intelligent and learned factions in this game. He may fall for the Elementium Bulwark once, but since Ozruk calls it out every time he casts it, it won't be hard to avoid after the first time.

"Blue dragons are not cruel beasts, preferring a quick kill for enemies and prey alike. They often use their abilities and spells from afar... They are excellent tacticians and attempt to damage or disable any opposing spellcasters before they commit to a physical attack. Blue dragons prefer to fight from the air, using spells and breath weapons to their fullest." -via Wowpedia

Now normally that would mean paralyze+flying = fall. However certain rules prohibit flying, so Eregos will just keep his distance and be paralyzed at range. Oz always follows his paralyze immediately with a shatter (before closing any distance), making it useless against ranged foe (technically the whelps will all be ranged too). He will take the damage when the debuff wears off, which is hefty, but not devastating to a boss.

Ground Smash can also be sidestepped thanks to its 3 sec cast. So again, he will only get one off before Eregos learns how to out maneuver it.

Looking at Ozruk, we see he is a rock, which is as dumb as...a rock:
"Ozruk has served as Stonecore's guardian since Deepholm's creation. It is unknown why Ozruk has remained in the Stonecore, but it has become apparent that the guardian now believes that anyone opposed to Deathwing is a threat to Deepholm, and should therefore be destroyed." -Wowpedia

So he now aligns himself with Deathwing despite his shattering of the World Pillar which endangered the World's Heart to begin with. Ozruk is clearly the dullest in a series of very dull tools. As such I imagine he will just blindly go through his rotation without strategy, which is very easy to plan around.

Two Bosses Enter: Ozruk vs. Eregos {WoW}

Jun 13th 2011 7:07PM Ozruk could and would land some damage on each paralyze expiration, but it isn't particularly lethal. A player can take one or two of the debuff expirations, so a boss like Eregos could probably take more. Plus he avoids two with Planar Shifts. As long as Eregos keeps kiting, he can stay alive for at least 2-3 minutes, which is enough time to do a lot of damage.

Two Bosses Enter: Ozruk vs. Eregos {WoW}

Jun 13th 2011 6:16PM As Eregos squares off against Ozruk, he smirks at the pea sized head atop the earthen construct's body. Clearly this Guardian of the Stonecore has not spent his idle time expanding his knowledge of the world: He only knows four phrases!

After the 150,000g fine from flying during the last match, the Ley Guardian decides he will not leave the ground in this contest. However, the rules do not prevent his use of wings to spur his movements across the ground, making him the quicker of the two, even on his feet.

As the fight begins, Ozruk charges forward to engage his opponent. Eregos sweeps his wings forward in a great arc, propelling him backwards 30 yards out of melee range. As Ozruk sees this he begins to cast Ground Slam, but Eregos easily sidesteps the spikes at this distance. Replying with an Arcane Volley, Eregos is surprised to see it rebound upon him as Ozruk yells: "Break yourselves upon my body. Feel the strength of the earth!" While the volley is harmless enough to Eregos, launching his Arcane Barrage at this barrier could prove devastating. A systematic approach is called for, so Eregos fires subsequent volleys every four seconds, and rewarded when his third volley lands a hit. He estimates an 8-12 second duration on the Bulwark, and makes a note for later.

Firing a quick Arcane Barrage scores a powerful hit, but does nothing to slow the charging behemoth. Instead of backing himself into a corner, Eregos streaks diagonally forward and to the right, strafing Ozruk and still keeping him out of melee range. Suddenly Eregos is gripped by paralysis, and prepares to take the brunt of a massive hit, but is astounded to see the rock monster stationary, although he does appear to be winding something up. Ozruk sends outs a cloud of shrapnel, but none makes it more than 15 yards, leaving Eregos puzzled from his safe distance. However, as Ozruk begins to advance again, Eregos is still paralyzed.

A surge of pain courses through the dragon's nerves, taking a large toll on his health, but he is finally able to move again. To cover his escape, Eregos summons Ley Whelps, which blind Ozruk with a dazzling rain of arcane bolts. Ozruk's Ground Slam obliterates three of the whelps, and he shouts again "Break yourselves upon my body. Feel the strength of the earth!" The remaining whelps rebound several Arcane Bolts upon themselves, knocking them to the ground, as Ozruk's melee swing sends them flying. Ozruk turns to Eregos, who is now at a safe distance and has counted to 12. Eregos enrages and fires three devastating Arcane Barrages in quick succession, then Planar Shifts as Ozruk closes in on him. Paralysis has no effect, and as Ozruk casts Shatter, five Planar Anomalies converge on him, inflicting massive damage.

As Ozruk falls to his knees, Eregos materializes across the arena and laughs. "You are bound by a protocol and incapable of free thought. Had you altered your pattern, you might have bested me." Ozruk roars and sends out another Ground Smash, but Eregos anticipates it and is not surprised to hear the now futile words: "Break yourselves upon my body. Feel the strength of the earth!" "Twelve seconds to your death," Eregos sighs. The last thing Ozruk hears it the whistle of the Arcane Barrage, and in the background comes "Back to the earth with you!"

Two Bosses Enter: Erudax vs. Eregos {WoW}

May 23rd 2011 7:58PM Eregos stomps into the arena, completely furious at the lack of head room. "I specifically requested an open stadium!" Looking across the arena, the drake eyes his opponent suspiciously. "One of the faceless? Your feeble necromancy pales to the power of the arcane." Erudax cackles maniacally and waves at the ground beneath him "These were once destined to join the Blue Dragonflight. Now they have transcended that fate and will embrace the twilight." Eregos notices the eggs at Erudax's feet and his eyes widen with rage. "You have desecrated the young of a species far greater than your own! I will make sure your's is not a quick death!"

Eregos charges Erudax enraging at the insolence of his foe (which must be punished). And launches multiple Arcane Volleys. Having previously experienced the danger of an enraged dragon, Erudax casts Binding Shadows, and circles the dragon, amused that the dragon is only draining his own life. Erudax charges Eregos' flank with an Enfeebling Blow, and hurries forward to deliver as much damage as possible in his narrow window of opportunity. As Eregos recovers and delivers vicious swipes of his claws, Erudax jumps back safely out of range and begins channeling a Shadow Gale.

Eregos eyes the swirling patch on the ground with apprehension, but as the entire room fills with dark energy, it becomes apparent that the only safe place is in the eye of the storm. Having taken some considerable damage so far, Eregos quickly recovers while the storm subsides, and takes notice that Erudax seems quite vulnerable during this attack. As it ends, two Faceless Corruptors appear through a portal and walk in Erudax's direction. "Reinforcements already?" Eregos sneers, launching an Arcane Barrage at the three of them. He again is taken aback, as the two walk right past Erudax, and begin channeling on the Twilight eggs, hatching them.

Eregos enrages again as two Twilight Hatchlings emerge from the defiled eggs, and delivers several Arcane Barrages in succession over the next 12 seconds, obliterating the Corruptors, and causing Erudax to twitch as pain courses through his body. Then the Ley Guardian summons four Greater Ley-Whelps which engage the outnumbered Twilight Hatchlings. "I hope that wasn't the extent of your tricks cockroach."

Erudax replies "your darkest days are still ahead," confident that Eregos is taunting out of desperation. So long as he finishes this before the dragon becomes enraged again, there should be no recourse available to the injured blue. Again he cements the Ley Guardian in place and siphons his energy, suffering little net injury from the Arcane Volleys. A second Enfeebling Blow knocks the dragon back considerably, as if he wasn't even trying to resist it. Just as Erudax reaches his prey, Feeble Body fades from Eregos, and Erudax is forced to evade the dragon without scoring any devastating hits. Erudax realizes his foe has overcome that particular attack, but no matter. As he casts Shadow Gale, Eregos heads straight to the vortex, suffering no damage. The Ley-Whelps however are brought down leaving the remaining Twilight Hatchling free to pelt Eregos with Twilight Blasts. Ignoring the tiny dragonling, Eregos concentrates all his volleys on the vulnerable Shadow Gale caster, severely wounding him.

"Just a little bit longer" thinks Erudax, as he finishes his cast and summons his Corruptors. The dragon also figured out the Gale, and Erudax paid dearly for that. Still, he won't have recovered from his last enrage yet, and the Faceless One's Corruptors will heal him (and release even more Hatchlings). This fight still belongs to him.

As the two Corruptors appear, Eregos shouts "Enough!" and shifts out of the phase. This confuses both Erudax and the Twilight Hatchling, as five large Anomalies spring into existence. The Hatchling deftly dodges the Anomaly pursuing him, but the Corruptors stumble blindy forward, straight into the pink spheres and explode. The remaining two spheres close in on Erudax, as he turns and flees. With no one to heal him, and no more additional Hatchlings, Erudax tries to cast Binding Shadows on Eregos, but he cannot seem to hit the phased dragon. Both anomalies converge as they blast the Duke and send him face(less) first to the ground. As the blackness closes in, Erudax senses Eregos materialze above him to deliver the death blow.

Eregos' breathing is labored, as he too is close to death. "No shadow magic can help you now," says Eregos as he enrages. "Ywaq maq oou; ywaq maq ssaggh. Yawq ma shg'fhn," is the only thing to escape Erudax before a torrent of Arcane Barrage sends him out of this world.

Eregos turns to the lone Twilight Hatchling, who watches him quizzically. "You have been tainted by corruption young one, but you were once destined for the Blue Dragonflight. That fate may still be attainable if you choose it." Eregos summons a group of Ley-Whelps as he says "Otherwise, you must not be allowed to live, lest the darkness overcome you."

Two Bosses Enter: Ozruk vs. Lord Godfrey {WoW}

May 16th 2011 9:20PM As the gates open, Lord Godfrey cautiously enters the empty ring wary of broken gates on the other side of the arena. It is oddly quiet, and the dark Lord feels a bit insulted that no one showed up to witness this match. The ground suddenly quakes as a rock behemoth launches himself from the stands behind Godfrey into the arena. From the spot where the creature lands, dual rows of spikes erupt from the ground toward Godfrey, who until now has not moved. At the last possible instant, Godfrey sidesteps calmly, then slowly pivots to face his opponent, completely unsurprised by his unusual entrance.

The dismembered foot of one of the slower spectators dangles from the corner of Ozruk's mouth, tangled in his beard. "What good is a show without an audience?" Godfrey asks irritably, disgusted by the lack of tact his opponent has shown in gobbling up the crowd. "I missed breakfast" was the simple reply of Ozruk.

"All right then, lets make this quick, that way I can make brunch" Lord Godfrey loads a Cursed Bullet into the chamber of his pistol and lets it fly as he contemplates the best way to kite the seemingly slow witted rock monstrosity. To his surprise, the bullet not only rebounds, but finds its way back to Godfrey's shoulder, something he had not anticipated, but can easily account for in the future. As Ozruk charges, Godfrey summons his ghouls to distract the beast, while he strafes to the side to avoid any future Ground Slams. He takes notice of the many small spikes that explode from the monster into his ghouls, but they do not seem to be doing much if any damage.

Suddenly Godfrey feels a twinge down his spine, almost as if it is electrified, then the cold burn of the shadowy bullet stings his shoulder. "So this is what all my victims enjoyed in their last moments," he says with a grin, as he notices Ozruk winding up for something new. With a massive crash, every one of his ghouls is shattered to bits, which rain down upon Godfrey as he makes up his mind on a strategy.

Again Ozruk powers up his bulwark, and prepares to send two rows of spikes toward Godfrey, who is closing in at an alarming speed. Godfrey launches his pistol barrage, knowing fully that they will soon rebound upon him, but keeps firing until they score a hit. "Your armor is down i'm afraid," Godfrey sighs, as his Cursed Bullet burrows deep into Ozruk's chest. Ozruk roars in pain and sends out a powerful Ground Slam, which Godfrey casually sidesteps as he lays a Mortal Wound across Ozruks cheek. The beast stumbles as Godfrey springs back to survey his work.

At this point Godfrey feels the twinge in his spine again, only this time it spreads throughout his body, and he cannot seem to move. As Ozruk arises, and begins to wind up, Godfrey finally understands that the only thing his victims felt was the sting of his Cursed Bullets, the sting which broke this paralysis last time. As Ozruk brings down a gargantuan Shatter, Godfrey laughs in his mind, that he should die from such a simple trick.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 11: Palit GTX 470 graphics card {WoW}

Jan 1st 2011 10:48AM I would like a graphics card.

WoW Insider's Cataclysm launch giveaway: Landros' Gift Box {WoW}

Dec 7th 2010 3:30PM I think the internetz at my previous post, so just to make sure.