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Ask WoW Insider: BC loot etiquette {WoW}

Jun 1st 2007 3:55PM Dont /rand on chests anymore. The good loot inside is rolled on by group now since 2.1.

I've rolled need on faction items if I'm that faction but honestly they should be greed because anyone can trade/sell them.

primal clue. Give to the person who wont stop crying or gives the best case for needing.

Known 2.1 issues (and a few more besides) {WoW}

May 29th 2007 9:05AM Missing pet bars.. No pet bar for Mind Control. Also my warlocks petbar keeps disappearing after mount/dismount.

Remarking a target after the group wipes.

Breakfast Topic: What's your realm's motto? {WoW}

May 14th 2007 11:13AM ShadowMoon US: Even are gold spam have english good.

Fed up with ingame gold whispers {WoW}

Apr 12th 2007 12:57PM No mention of the in-game mail spam thats also becoming a big problem? I hope Blizzard takes action. It's their virtual world and create all the rules. Unlike the real world email spam problems that actually have lead to prosecution but still continue.

Breakfast topic: I never knew that {WoW}

Mar 14th 2007 2:56PM Curse juggling works because only one curse per mob is allowed.
CoR=target becomes reckless 'ignoring' fear effects'
(meaning any NPC mob will re-aggro)
You can then cast ANY other cures to replace CoR and if the fear effect is still active, it will run.

This is also effective in keeping feared mobs in range of your other spells, not just redirecting.

p.s. Matt, to whisper with text: /whisper matt or /w matt

Warcraft Designers on Class Reviews {WoW}

Apr 5th 2006 9:39AM From Bloodrend...

Disclaimer: The forums wouldn't allow me to log in with any of my Dark Iron characters thus I was unable to post this using my main who is a level 60 Mage named Slaughter on Dark Iron.

Disclaimer: These patch notes are the result of my personal discussions with an individual whom will remain nameless as to protect their identity. These patch notes are not final but are complete as of the present. Additions and subtractions from these notes may apply in the future.

Disclaimer: These patch notes apply only to the Arcane tree as this was the only information I was able to gather. If I am able to get more info about the upcoming patch I will post it here.

- Due to significant talent changes, Mages will have all talent points refunded and can be respent. Training costs for all talent spell replacements have been significantly reduced.

- New talent: Arcane Fury (Passive, 5/5). Obtainable in first tier of the Arcane tree, Arcane Fury increases damage done by Arcane spells by 3% per talent point for a maximum of 15%.

- Arcane Subtletly will now apply to all schools of magic. This change should make talent point expenditure here more desirable.

- Wand Specialization has received slight modifications. With a maximum of 5 talent points, Wand Specialization will increase damage dealt by wands by 3% per combo point for a maximum of 15% additional damage. This was done in interest of allowing for a new talent in Wand Mastery that should make wand usage more attractive.

- New talent: Wand Mastery. With a prerequisite of 5 talent points spent in Wand Specialization, this passive ability will allow + damage effects and gear to appropriately scale wand damage. This scaling holds consistent with a particular wand's element and the "casting" speed by which calculation for + damage will be made will be based upon the wand's speed.

- Improved Arcane Explosion has been removed from the talent trees altogether and instead Arcane Explosion will be instant-cast by default.

- Evocation has been removed from the talent trees altogether and instead has been added as a trainable spell obtainable at level 30. Additionally, the cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes in order to make the spell more useful.

- Arcane Missiles will now emit only three missiles as opposed to five. The total mana cost of the spell has been reduced significantly in order to make the spell more mana efficient.

- Improved Arcane Missiles has been redesigned. Available after 10 points have been spent in the Arcane tree, this talent will accept up to three talent points with each point increasing the casting duration of Arcane Missiles by adding one additional burst of missiles for a maximum of six total.

- New talent: Missile Mastery (Passive, 1/1). This talent will be obtainable with prerequisite of three points in Improved Arcane Missiles and will render the Arcane Missiles spell uninterruptible.

- Improved Counterspell has been removed from the talent tree. As a result counterspell will inherently receive the previous buff from this talent of silencing the target for four seconds. This was done to put counterspell on par with over silencing abilities such as Silence and Spell Lock.

- Improved Dampen Magic has been removed from the talent tree.

- Improved Mana Shield has been removed from the talent tree.

- Presence of Mind will now be obtainable with 15 points spent in the Arcane Tree but has received a slight modification. In addition to making your next spell with casting time under ten seconds cast instantly, the mana cost of that spell will be increased by 20%.

- Arcane Meditation has received slight modifications. The talent will now allow mana regeneration while casting of 5% per point spent for a maximum of 5 points or 25%.

- New talent: Improved Evocation (Passive, 1/1). Obtainable with prerequisite of 5 points spent in Arcane Meditation, this talent will increase the time during which Evocation casts by 2 seconds. This will allow for an extra "tick" of evocated mana regeneration and should make the spell even more useful.

- Arcane Mind has received slight modifications. The talent will now accept a maximum of 5 talent points and will increase maximum mana by 3% per talent point for a maximum of 15%.

- New talent: Arcane Resilience (Passive, 2/2). Obtainable with 20 point spent in Arcane talents, this talent increases the effectiveness of Dampen and Amplify magic by 30% per talent point for a maximum of 60%.

- Arcane Instability has been moved such that it is obtainable with 20 points spent in the Arcane Tree. The skill itself will remain unchanged.

- New talent: Improved Polymorph (Passive, 3/3). Obtainable with 25 points spent in Arcane talents, reduces the target's ability to resist Polymorph by 4% per talent point for a maximum of 12%. This reduction in resistance to the spell will also appropriately affect the target's ability to break Polymorph once affected.

- New talent: Master Shepherd (Passive, 1/1). Obtainable with 25 points spent in Arcane talents and with prerequisite of 3 points spent in Improved Polymorph, this talent allows up to two targets to be affected by Polymorph at one time.

- Arcane Power has been redesigned. This talent will be obtainable with prerequisite of three points in Arcane Instability and 25 points spent in Arcane talents. The increase in damage and mana cost has been reduced from 35% to 20% but the duration has been increased to 20 seconds. Additionally, during the 20 seconds, the caster's percent chance to hit with spells is increased by 10%.

- New talent: Invisibility (Instant cast, 345 mana, 3 minute cooldown, 1/1). This talent will be obtainable with 30 points spent in Arcane talents. Upon use the caster is rendered invisible and is free to move about as though in stealth. Any damage dealt to the caster or any non-movement action taken by the caster will break invisibilty. During invisibility, movement speed is reduced to 75% of normal.

- Mana Rubies, Citrines, Jades and Agates will no longer be soulbound thus allowing them to be traded to friendly targets.

- Mage Armor has received slight modifications. Once cast, the spell will increase mana regeneration by 10% while also reducing all spell damage taken by 10%. This was done to make the spell more useful.

- Ice Armor's bonus to armor has been slightly increased. All other effects of this spell have remained unchanged.

EDIT: Fixed a few typos. I apologize if more still exist as I have typed this by hand based upon my friend's input. Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer them to the best of my knowledge.

EDIT: Also, I pretty much have the new Arcane tree drawn out in front of me so if you have any questions about what it looks like specifically, feel free to ask.

EDIT: Compliments of my original source I have come across a few pieces of the remaining two trees. These are not guaranteed accurate as-is but should be implemented near what I present to you in the following segment:

Fire talents

- New talent: Cold Burn (Instant cast, 295 mana, 1/1). Requires three points in improved Frost Nova. Ignites a frozen target with singing flames that deals 490 to 546 fire damage and incapacitates the target for three seconds.

- Ignite has been moved to now require 10 points in Fire talents instead of only 5. This was done to make room for it as a prerequisite for Searing Freeze. The talent itself has remained unchanged.

- Incinerate has been moved to now require only 5 points in Fire talents instead of 10. This was done to make room for Ignite as a prerequisite for Searing Freeze. The talent itself has remained unchanged.

- Combustion has been redesigned. Having a prerequisite of 5 points spent in Improved Scorch and 20 points spent in Fire talents, this spell combusts the fire vulnerability of its victim and causes 725 damage over 12 seconds. The spell's chance to hit its target is bolstered by the stacked fire vulnerability with each unit of vulnerability contributing 10% to its chance to hit.

- Improved Flamestrike has been removed the fire talent tree.

- New talent: Heatwave (Passive, 4/4). Gives successful fire spell hits a chance to do additional area of effect damage from the location of the spell's target. This damage has a radius of 10 yards.

- Blastwave has received slight modifications. Its location in the Fire tree has remained unchanged but it will now require 4 points in Heatwave as a prerequisite.

- Burning Soul has received slight modifications. The third point in this talent will now increase the caster's chance to resist interruption during casting of a fire spell by 75% instead of 65%

- Pyroblast has been removed as a 10 point talent and reinstated as the new 30 point fire talent. As such the spell has received slight modifications. The casting time of this spell has been reduced to 4 seconds and the damage has been increased as to make it useful for a 30 point talent. Overall the spell will receive and increase in damage of 23% and the damage over time associated with it will be increased in time length as well increased in overall damage.

Frost talents

- Improved Frost Nova has traded places with Piercing Ice within the tree and has been redesigned. The talent will now be a prerequisite for the fire tree's Cold Burn talent which requires three points in it. Each point in Improved Frost Nova will now increase the duration in which the target is frozen by 1 second per point for a maximum of 3 seconds. The base duration of the spell has been lowered by one second. The Frost talent Shatter will still remain with prerequisite of Improved Frost Nova but now will require 3 points in the talent instead of the original 2.

- New talent: Searing Freeze (Instant cast, 354 mana, 1/1). Requires 5 points in Ignite. Rapidly freezes a target afflicted by Ignite after dealing the remainder of Ignite's damage in addition to 352 to 405 frost damage. The target is the incarcerated in a block of ice for 4 seconds.

- New talent: Arctic Blast (Passive, 3/3). With prerequisite of three points in Improved Cone of Cold, this talent will add a chance for the caster's Cone of Cold spell to deliver a knock-back effect of 5 yards. The first 2 points spent in this talent yield 20% extra chance to deliver this effect while the third point increases this chance to 50%. Frozen targets that are affected by this knock-back will remain frozen upon landing and will be unable to move until the duration of the freeze effect is either completed or it breaks prematurely.

- Ice Barrier has received slight modifications but will remain as the Frost 30 point talent. The total damage absorbed by the barrier has been increased by 20%. Additionally, while the barrier holds, or until up until the barrier final breaks, 20% of all spell damage taken is reverted to the caster of Ice Barrier's mana pool.

Troubles on Shadow Moon {WoW}

Mar 1st 2006 1:49PM As a resident of Shadowmoon since day 1, I thank you for the recoginition on your site. Hopefully, this will force Blizzard's hand in using one of their 'new' servers ( to test out on Shadowmoon!

Warlock changes in 1.9 {WoW}

Jan 11th 2006 3:40PM They shouldve added a feature to soul bags (i.e. Mana reduction on pet summon, 2% chance to gain an extra shard from soul drain. Just something to justify using a soul bag from a regular.