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Know Your Lore: Anduin Llane Wrynn, Prince of Stormwind {WoW}

Dec 26th 2011 1:43PM I can see why you are confused. Unfortunately you have to research a variety of sources and piece things together when it comes to the lore of this game. Blizzard really needs to rectify that.

It's in the leader's short stories section of the WoW website:

IMO it's a great story. I happen to like the way Anduin is evolving. He's a contrast to his father, whose rantings and angry outbursts get tiring. His son is a contrast and as much as the Alliance-Horde conflict adds a much needed plotline to this game I do hope they can resolve it at some point and I think Anduin will be influential. Plus, anyone (such as myself) who has ever grown up in direct conflict with their parents when it comes to values and personality can relate to Anduin. I think they are doing a good job with him.

I don't think Anduin is gay. I have no problem whatsoever with homosexuality but as someone else pointed out, why does the fact that he isn't warlike and desires peace and wants to be a priest mean he's gay? In this day and age, I'd think people would stop thinking in these ridiculous stereotypes. The fact that he wants to be a priest adds an interesting component to the story. If he was a warrior like his father or even a paladin it wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

I think he is set up to be a direct contrast with his warlike, emo father. Both have had horrid childhoods and have lost love ones but they have reacted in completely different ways. One is angry and warlike. The other desires peace and seeks to help and heal others. It's very interesting.

Kudos to Blizzard on Anduin Wrynn. I want to see more of him.

Breakfast Topic: Are you a closet roleplayer? {WoW}

May 25th 2011 8:52PM Guilty as charged! I do indeed "RP" with the NPCs. In Cat, the NPCS actually TALK to you so it's easy to do. I chit chatted like crazy with Bravo Team with my Worgen all during that storyline in Redridge!

But even before Cataclysm I interact with the NPCs like crazy. I chit chatted while playing with my Paladin and Warlock during Wrathgate and while taking down Mal'ganis at the Scarlet Onslaught compound. My Night Elf Druid has expressed dismay at finding Worgen in Darnassus "You take a little nap and look what moves in next door". My Orc Shaman mutters under his breath to Garrosh about "Being a hard headed fool just like your father" and my Goblin called Garrosh a "grouch" and said "we need to get that nice green Warchief back".

I talk to questgivers all the time. Yesterday while questing with my Paladin in Mount Hyjal I chided a nasty NPC who was hanging by a rope in a Ogre cave and cursing at me and I told him to "Mind your manners or I'll tell the Ogres I now control to eat you for breakfast". Then I laughed at him when he made threats about kicking my head in.

I've been told I'm crazy and RPing with NPCs is "utter fail" but what do I care? I love "on the fly" RPing but the formulated, preplanned, story based RPing that most guilds do where they gather some place to "RP" isn't for me. For one thing, I like to DO something when I RP, not stand around in an Inn or the courtyard of a city.

Doing something means questing and reacting to what I'm doing. Making up some story that has nothing to do with the game or the lore of the game is lost on me. I find I can relate to the NPCs much better than most players, who are far too melodramatic and self involved for my tastes. People always seem to be coming up with these long, involved storylines about getting pregnant or married or making up things that have nothing to do with the game and if you try and jump in and take part you are usually ostracized pretty quickly. I find most RPing I see on my roleplaying server to be much too cliquey for my tastes.

Once in awhile I'll RP with a like minded person, like my son. My son RPs the same as I do and when we quest together we'll often banter and argue just like in "real life".

All my characters have a specific and involved backstory that I hearken back to.

My Paladin is seasoned war veteran who as a young child, dreamed of serving the Light, but not as a Priest but as a Warrior. She was part of the Stormwind exile during the first war and it was in Lordaeron that she came upon the first Paladins while training for the Priesthood. She talked her way into training for the Silver Hand and eventually was mentored by Uther himself. She then returned to Stormwind after the Second War to help rebuild it and when Lordaeron fell she went to Theramore and then to Mount Hyjal to fight the Burning Legion with the Night Elves, Humans and Orcs. Since then she has dedicated her life to serving the Light and the Silver Hand.

My Blood Elf Warlock was originally a High Elf who grew up in Dalaran and was trained as a Mage. She related better to Humans then to the Queldorei of Silvermoon. Even so, she found herself aimless and distressed as a result of the Sunwell being destroyed and went to Southshore to spend some time away only to find out while there that Dalaran was destroyed as well. Homeless, distraught and depressed, she then met a Human Warlock in Southshore who taught her the "dark arts" of being a Warlock so as to both sate her addiction to magic and as a weapon to fight the Scourge and Burning Legion more effectively.

My Blood Elf's parents were part of Kael's army and went to the Outlands with him and later became Scryers once they realized what he'd become. My Lock doesn't hate the Alliance per sec but feels that the Sin'dorei were ill treated by them and find the Horde acceptable, though she thinks Garrosh is a misguided idiot and feels Saurfang would have made a much better Warchief.

My Night Elf Druid became a Druid despite the protests of her Sentinel Mother. She felt she related better to her Druidish father, who had fought in the War of the Ancients with Malfurion and was trained by him. Despite her mother's protests she decided to follow his path instead of the traditional roles for Kaldorei females (being warrior or priest). But now with Catalyst and all that she has witnessed and experienced she is beginning to wonder if there isn't a lot more of her warrior mother in her than her peaceful father.

My Orc Shaman is as old as Drek Thar and has followed a path like him. He was of the Shadowmoon Clan on Draenor and raised as a Shaman but later he became a Warlock and junior member of the Shadow Council. He stayed behind with Nerzhul when the other Orcs went thru the Dark Portal. After the shattering of Draenor he didn't want to become a slave to the Legion so he went to Nagrand and settled just outside Garadar. He rediscovered the sacred mountain of Oshu'gun and had a vision that he should return to his Shamanistic roots.

He eventually returned to the Shadowmoon Valley and found that Thrall's Elite Guard was in his old village and that the portal was reopened and a new homeland of Orcs was in Azeroth. He then made his way to Orgrimmar and was told he could receive training and redemption as a Shaman while serving the New Horde. He loves and reveres Thrall but thinks Garrosh is a brash young fool who is returning the Horde to it's former bad and evil ways.

I even have a Forsaken Undead frost mage. She grew up as simple and plain farmer's daughter outside Brill, the middle daughter of 5 children who was teased by her family because she dreamed of going to Dalaran to become a Mage. Her father was planning to have have her married off to a shopkeeper in Brill who was 20 years older than her to just get rid of her. Then one night the family sat down to a meal and woke up with the Plague of Undeath as Scourge. She was one of the Scourge who guarded the plague cauldrons in the Western Plaguelands and was freed by Sylvanas and given formal training as a Mage and Apothecary. She is now a devoted follower of Sylvanas. Basically she LOVES being a Forsaken because she has everything now that she never had a Human...power, prestige and a purpose in life and she IS indeed a Mage.

My Worgen and Gobin are still "works in progress" but I am enjoying "building" their story lines very much.

I guess when I "RP" I'm like a child playing with toy soldiers or dolls. I make up stories about my characters and everything they do while I play with them (as in questing, I don't raid much and when I do I RP it) relates to both the lore of the game and their backstory.

So yeah, I'm one dedicated sick puppy when it comes to RPing.

Patch 4.0.3a: What's in The Shattering, what's not {WoW}

Nov 26th 2010 3:08AM Yah, Druids, Paladins and Shaman. Three out of my five characters! Wonderful. The pain, the pain.

Fortunately my dual spec Lock and Mage were spared.

BTW, if you are purchasing your 310 flying and are exalted with all factions make SURE you go to a riding trainer in a city you are exalted with and not Dalaran or it'll cost more.

Breakfast Topic: Which Cataclysm zone are you most excited about? {WoW}

Nov 8th 2010 4:14PM What am I most excited about? Well..the new starting zones and revamped areas. I will probably be rolling multiple characters to experience the new content (and I've put my mid level characters on hiatus until the expansion launches). Of course I will play both Goblin and Worgen (I always play both Horde and Alliance) and then there will be playing my two level 80s (Human Paladin and Belf Warlock) through the new 80-85 content.

As a lorenut/roleplayer I am already enjoying the new opportunities for some great RP. Even with the pre-expansion events I've been doing some fun stuff with others as I go through the quests. I didn't start RPing until after WOTLK came out so this is all quite new and interesting from a roleplaying point of view.

I LOVE to quest and Catalyst will be great..I just know it will! So I'm really excited about it and will have all winter to explore. L)

Know Your Lore: The origin of goblin and worgen death knights, page 2 {WoW}

Nov 7th 2010 7:45PM The way I play my Night Elf Druid is that she tolerates the Alliance Mages because they are allies..because she has to but she feels the younger (human, gnomes) races who wield arcane magic to be dangerous and ignorant. She has a bit more respect and faith in the Draenei because she views them as more experienced and wise.

With the Highborne/Quel'dorei/Sin'dorei she is feels nothing but contempt for them. She considers them the reason for all the world's problems and the fall of the Kaldorei and the destruction of Kalimdor. In Catalyst she will tolerate the Highborne Mages because in light of the what will be going on they could be useful and provide aid but nothing more.

Breakfast Topic: Happy hallowed holiday {WoW}

Oct 31st 2010 11:19AM I sound like a Scrooge but I hate halloween. I'll be glad when it's over.

Now Thanksgiving/Christmas I like...

Breakfast Topic: Is your main a former alt? {WoW}

Oct 26th 2010 7:41PM When I started playing in January 2006 I rolled a Night Elf Warrior and by the time he hit 60 right before BC came out I decided I hated playing a warrior. He did hit 70 but I parked him an inn in Shattrath and there he sits today. I hated that he died so much and I hated tanking so I started leveling up an alt that was a Dwarf Hunter and made him my main.

The Hunter was my main for a long time but after he hit 70 and I started raiding wtih him I found that Hunters weren't really all that desirable. I had rolled a Human Paladin banker alt and suddenly it occurred to me that a Healadin would a good thing to have so I started playing her and eventually she became my main as I raided. Then I got into roleplaying I found her even more desirable because Paladins are so rich in lore so I transferred her to the current RP server I am on now.

Where is the Hunter now? On my old PVE server. I got him to 78 and there he sits now.

So yes, my main used to be a lowly banker and now she is my main on Alliance.

On Hordeside my main is still the Belf Warlock I rolled back when BC came out. I transferred her from my old PVE realm to the RP one as well.

BlizzCon 2010: Realm meetups bring together far-flung friends {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2010 12:23PM My female Blood Elf is offended by all this Sin'dorei hate.

Selama ashal'anore!

Most people RP a Blood Elf wrong..that's pretty much the problem IMO.

Not sure about what's going on in Moonguard. When I went to transfer to an RP server it was closed to transfers so I eventually found my present day server. Fortunately it doesn't seem to be inundated with ERPers.

It all depends on where you go. I tend to stay out of Goldshire. Even on a regular server it's a juvenile place to be.

Drama Mamas: Raiding while female {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2010 12:16PM I often tell my teenage daughter (who also plays WoW) that how you present yourself will determine how you are treated. If you act like a drama queen or are all flirty and silly that's how you'll be treated. My daughter tends to act much older than she is, she is dead serious about what she does when she raids and as a result no on in her guild knows she's in high school (she was in junior high when she started playing WoW). They all think she's in college. This is in a guild that has an "adult only" policy.

Now some would say that not permitting kids is discriminatory as well....Call it "ageism" if you will. Well, I tend to want to take it on a case by case basis. My daughter is one of the best Wow players I've come across. My 12 year old son is a wonderful gamer and very mature. I enjoy playing with him and would consider him an asset to any guild but when he was younger and easily frustrated and emotional I told him "no joining a guild and no being on vent". We play in the same room together and I keep an eye on what's going on with kids. Now he's older so he's pretty much allowed to play as he feels provided he minds his manners.

I've been bothered and hounded by other people's kids in guilds. One of them was the son of a GM in one guild. He was a downright PITA and one reason I left the guild was because of it. In another guild the son of a GM was arrogant and rude to others because because he knew his mother would kick anyone who complained. When I play I don't want to be dealing with or babysitting kids that other parents aren't taking the time to supervise or teach manners. I have own kids to look after. So basically I can see why some guilds say "no children"..but is this the same as saying "no females?". Some would say "yes, it's still discrimination" but adult only guilds are very common. So some would say "wny not just have guys because it promotes a certain atmosphere". That's where it's incumbent upon you to decide if you want to even deal with such a guild. There is the element of choice here too.

My .02 is..If you have a guild that is being torn apart by the antics of a drama queen then get rid of her (or him if it's a guy), but don't discriminate based on gender or age..discriminate based on actions.

Drama Mamas: Raiding while female {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2010 12:06PM "I usually reply, 'No, I'm a woman. I stopped being a girl 30 years ago.' "

Maybe that's why I don't get flirted with either. When referred to as a "girl" I tend to say pretty much the same thing. Plus I refer to my husband and kids enough so people "get" it. I'm not down with the flirtation thing.