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Why you don't have freedom of speech in WoW {WoW}

Dec 14th 2009 10:31PM I'm not talking about Blizzard, I'm talking about Adam Holisky and his screwed view of the world

Why you don't have freedom of speech in WoW {WoW}

Dec 14th 2009 10:19PM Ok, three things:

a) We don't all live in the US, so when you started quoting your laws I said fuck that and stopped reading.

b) I've read two of your posts in the last two days. I think you're a retard for saying that we have no rights just because you say so. What the hell is the point of having a damn community with the ability to share opinions if you're going to gray out those you don't like? It's contradictory and you're an autocrat.

c) The simple fact that you posted the words: " People think that just because they live in a democracy or free society that they have an innate right to do and say whatever they want wherever they want. Nothing could be further from the truth." makes you a moron. I hope all your co-workers read this, are appalled and you get fired for being a communist fuck. You should come live in Venezuela, where there really is no freedom of speech and when you have to deal with that for a week then I want to see you post that people can't have rights on forums, discussion boards or comment sections.

Mr. Holinsky, go screw yourself.

How the WoW community is about to push the self-destruct button {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 8:06AM Look I'm not going to say I don't have complaints, I do. I also, love 3.3, I'm enjoying it tons. However I don't think it's cool to say that there are people that shouldn't have a say. Yeah, it's Blizzards forum, and yeah, it's Blizzard's game, but if they open up to community responses and let people post they better be ready to handle the trolls. Why? Because there's 13 million users!

I thought Vanilla was great, BC was lackluster and that LK is awesome. There, I've posted my opinion on a public blog, now people have very right to flame me, call me an idiot or completely agree. I can accept that and either not like what they say or not post. If Blizzard wants input they better be damn willing to take all opinions in. Willing meaning, open to the possibility, not doing it. I'm not saying all opinions are gold, I'm saying that all opinions should have a chance. If not, close the forums and just post a news site where the devs post updates, kind of like mmo-champ.

How the WoW community is about to push the self-destruct button {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 7:57AM So basically, screw freedom of speech, only those who meet certain requirements can voice their opinions?

How very 17th century of you

How the WoW community is about to push the self-destruct button {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 7:55AM What most of the grayed out posts (on the first page I'm not going to read 277 comments) say isn't entirely wrong. As a matter of fact I would agree with a lot of it. Mr. Holisky you also have made some valid points but are not taking into consideration the meaning of some of the things that you are saying.

WoW has a community, and as such communities have people who disagree and who agree. Given that it's an online community the main way to express said opinions are through forums and blogs. Are we lucky that Blizzard reads our posts and replies? Yes, we are. Do they always do it in the best way? Short answer, no. Longer answer, not always.

Ghostcrawler is a hell of a person in my opinion, he shows a genuine interest in what most of the community has to say and tries to act upon that (this is, of course speculation), or so we would like to believe. However, GC doesn't always manage things right; whether the reason for that is because he's stressed or because he's just a jerk is really irrelevant. The "vocal minority" also has it's flaws but it cannot be silenced and ignored as you've said.

Are there a ton of trolls on the forums that need to learn how to spell and voice their opinions and negative criticism properly? Yes, oh God yes.

Should they be ignored because of how they express their opinions? No. Just because a person wrote:
I tihnk u shuld buf meh beecus of dese reesons:
doesn't mean his reasons should be ignored. If GC can't handle the trolls or the "vocal minority (btw I think that term is bogus, I don't think they're a minority at all)" then they should hire more people to handle the forums, probably people with more PR skills than GC.

God I hope this doesn't get grayed out.

The Queue: VenezuelanDude {WoW}

Nov 30th 2009 2:44PM YEAH! Venezuela, represent!!

Breakfast Topic: Back to where you once belonged {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 9:46AM After a very frustrating BC raiding period where BM was pretty much mandatory because of the old KC, I'm happily MM. Sure, I dabbled in Survival a little, but now I'm back where I belong. Being a RANGED class, no more caring about my pet, I care about one thing, and one thing only, my bow.

happy panda is happy

Engadget's recession antidote: win a 16GB iPhone 3G from Rapid Repair! {Engadget}

Aug 2nd 2009 3:53PM I would try to fix it, but I'm a mere systems engineer with a crap phone. I don't know anything about the economy.