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Breakfast Topic: What would you tell your level 1 self? {WoW}

Oct 1st 2010 12:38PM Alright heres a very VERY long list!.
1. roll a priest best years of your life..
2. Dont go heals, Its the spec from HECK, That and you cant really heal stay shadow!..
3. Get your priest to lvl 80 before all of them.
4. Make sure that said priest is perfectly fine
5. if account gets stolen and/or deleted by haxers...Call blizzard before starting a new account but if it doesnt help..Get the game again
6. Make a hunter top priority.
7. Roll a Dk when hunter is 55..
8.Lvl DK to 80 then the hunter.
9.Roll Druid and warrior next.
10. Lvl said druid to 80 and do tailoring as a proffession!.
11. make sure your druid can actually raid heal before attempting...You might fail
12. And most importantly visit all lvl 1-70 instances. they're gonna be changing.!
13. oh almost forgot....Kick the lich kings butt before you move onto cata.
14. ...Make sure you dont blow your self up in the process
15. Never try for engineering... To expenssive X_X

Breakfast Topic: What would you tell your level 1 self? {WoW}

Oct 1st 2010 12:23PM True that true that

Breakfast Topic: Soundtrack to my e-life {WoW}

Aug 6th 2010 8:49AM Favorite track/music in wow?, easy. Karazhan and Stormpeak. both tracks move me deeply. Storm peaks has a certain feel to it that makes you feel as if you are floating or being at calm. karazhan has a certain intensity and sadness to it, A beautiful piece of work i'll have you know.But the reason why both move me so much is because, Karazhan is a favorite instance from its beautiful dead horse's to its grand opera.I go to karazhan not because of the lore behind it. But because of the beauty of being in such a place and the music being played there. Storm peak however is a diffrent story,That track makes me feel at easy with-out a care really. It makes me feel as if there's nothing wrong or to worry about and continue on merry adventure way. I think blizz did a great work on the tracks because alot of us fall more inlove with the game because of the music.

Breakfast Topic: Hacked off by hackers {WoW}

Aug 6th 2010 8:41AM That reminds me.My guild leader about 1-2weeks ago had gotten hacked.I had been on the day the hacker logged on me and a few guildies asked if she was okay.She didnt answered after 40minutes we reported her. A day or 2 the guild leader came on and saw what had happened to her account.She planned on quiting right there and then and promote me into the rank of the leader(Which I didnt want to happen..I suck at leading). We all convinced her to just get all her stuff back and not to quit the game.We got everything restored and such and she had her account restored as well. But before that my friend of 2-3years got hacked. He told me that he would be lvling a alt till all his stuff had been restored. Kinda happy they both didnt quit.Would've sucked to have lost them specially when one of those 2 had helped me greatly.

Breakfast Topic: Hacked off by hackers {WoW}

Aug 6th 2010 8:33AM I was hacked a year ago, I had just gotten on to see how it was doing and to talk to my friends and see what our adventures would be of that day(It had been my birthday and we planned a great Roleplay game).I clicked onto WoW and I typed my account name and pass.It said "You have changed your password".I had sat there for 2minutes thinking "I never changed my password..I always kepted it the same". So I retyped it in.Same message came up so I requested a new one.They sent it I typed it in and the words I dread to come up appeared "Your account has been banned".I quickly went to my email and checked and the same thing appeared.I sent a message to blizz asking for my account back.I couldnt get it back because the account had not been in my name(Which I had planned on changing). So I sat there for a while wondering how it could have happened.I had heard that people we're getting more and more hacked that month so i brushed it off as a simple what-not. I didnt get my account back.But it taught me a lesson.Dont ever keep one password.I had to rebuy all the games and lvl up fresh new characters. I didnt mind to much.This time around though I went with a safer method. The authenicator. :P Kinda happy my account had gotten banned it actually made me feel like I fell on my face and died for a day xD.