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Breakfast Topic: What's the best quest zone in the game? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2012 11:39AM Paramount, not tantamount. WTB a weekend edition editor :)

Gold Capped: Staying ahead of inflation {WoW}

Aug 15th 2011 7:48PM Maybe it's because I was just reading about some macroeconomic stuff before this one, but I think this is really interesting, and raises a bunch of interesting questions in addition to investments. For instance:

- What actually is the rate of inflation? The best metric I can think of would be in terms of gold per hour, e.g., as measured by "a representative hour of a raider's or daily quester's time" or something.
- What are the implications for different sorts of players? As above, inflation hurts savers. But it's neutral for working schlubs with no savings, and beneficial for debtors. Is there an analog here?
- What features could Blizzard make to manage the situation? Should there be a banking system, where I could make some sort of enforceable loan to other players? Or should I be able to buy certificates of deposit? Should I be able to create and sell Auction House derivatives? (That would be hilarious although ridiculously complex.)

This article does a good job in explaining that the real problem is that money is printed every time somebody does a quest or kills a mob. But that money should come from somewhere. The most realistic option would probably be to implement some sort of income tax, or negative interest rate on saved gold, that reflects things like "funding the quest giver" or "Hogger robbed the bank" or something. :) But that would just annoy people, I suppose.

Idle food for thought, sorry about length.

The Queue: Tomorrow's Friday -- here's a present from Rebecca Black {WoW}

Jul 21st 2011 11:20AM [adjusting geek helmet]

Totally onboard with the Star Trek/Cold War angle. However:

1) I see a much closer orc/Klingon link than with, say, Shogunate Japan. I can buy that there is some background influence, but feels like more of a stretch to me. I mean, you can comfortably import/analogize about 80% of what we know about Klingons, but I can't do that with even a fraction of an Asian culture offhand.

2) I think there is a SIGNIFICANT gap between D&D and WoW here. I mean, obviously the whole concept of orcs comes from Tolkien via D&D, but Tolkien/D&D orcs are nothing but semiliterate savages, and driven by nothing but bloodlust. I mean, maybe you could spin up some sort of line around Mordor=Nazi Germany, and thereby trace orcish behavior and lore around that (blood purity issues, honor, Lebensraum), but ... nah, let's not go there. Schnottz was bad enough.

The Queue: Firelands questing and more {WoW}

May 25th 2011 12:27PM Very helpful, cutaia - thanks. I was leaning towards Brood as well, but wasn't too sure how much a priest could solo... guess I'll find out!

FYI, I have AV exalted already, but not WSG or AB. I guess you could add those to the list of possibles, but to me those sound even more painful than Ravenholdt :)

The Queue: Firelands questing and more {WoW}

May 25th 2011 11:31AM Random personal question, but might spark an interesting discussion:

My shadow priest is 1 faction away from 50 exalted reps. I need to pick the 50th. I don't really have a raid option given my work schedule, so Ashen Verdict and the new Hyjal faction are offlimits. So, my choices are basically:

1. Soloable or semisoloable raid factions (Hydraxian Waterlords, Brood of Nozdormu, Scale of the Sands, Ashtongue Deathsworn)
2. Insane in the Membrane factions (Ravenholdt, Darkmoon Faire, or Bloodsail if I could do it without tanking goblin rep)

What to do?

The Queue: Historical figure {WoW}

Feb 4th 2011 11:09AM Zachary Taylor? Awesome!

The thing I don't understand about Zachary Taylor is, why in the world would he have picked Millard Fillmore as VP? The man had an undistinguished record before entering office, did nothing as VP, and went on to do nothing as president. Please, Queue, clarify!

Scattered Shots: Internal review {WoW}

Aug 9th 2010 7:24PM I had a hunter alt before Frostheim, but the ONLY reason I started playing him again, and the main reason I'm starting to play him more and more, is reading about hunter awesomesauce courtesy of our drunk dwarf friend. Well, that plus the fact that thanks to DKs, hunters aren't reviled anymore.

My three favorite columns that I recall:
-- the hunter guild video where the 300 noobs killed the world dragon then jumped off the dam -- i wanna join!
-- the gear vs. skill article -- incredibly important piece of work here
-- the "BM isn't competitive in raids" article -- ice-cold logic with an ice-cold brew

I don't think it's fair to push FH to write certain columns more than others; I think the overall focus should continue to be on the various varieties of awesomesauce, in all corners of the game. (I'm a nonraid player, but wouldn't request more nonraid columns; wouldn't be fair.) I do have a sweet spot for things that show off hunters in particular, like extreme soloing, stupid pet tricks, etc.

I do wonder, though -- perhaps it would be useful to create a series on "Hunter boot camp". I'm not talking a rookie or leveling guide, but more like a master class. What skills do you have to master to be an apprentice, journeyman, expert, artisan, master, grandmaster hunter? And in what rough order? At what point in my existential journey should I start caring about jump-disengage, stutter-stepping, annoying my friends with feign death, etc.? All of that stuff is out there somewhere, but hunters are complex if played right, and some sort of learning curve calibration would be nice.


The Queue: [Reins of the Rusted Santadrake] {WoW}

Aug 7th 2010 2:38PM Oh yeah. Duh. Downrank me please :)

The Queue: [Reins of the Rusted Santadrake] {WoW}

Aug 7th 2010 11:28AM Dungeon Finder question here: I love it as a tank or healer, obviously, but now I'm leveling a hunter and frustrated with queue times. (Yes I'm spoiled.) My evil plan is to queue up, alt-tab, work on other things, and then jump back into WOW when the group is formed. But I'd need to hear the "BuWAH, your group is formed" sound to make this work, and I can't get the audio to play when I'm in other applications -- even in windowed mode. Is there some way to have WOW audio play in the background?