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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Too soon? {WoW}

Oct 18th 2010 5:12AM Warriors got utterly screwed in so many ways, removing some of our best stats for every spec and giving us a worthless stat in return or in case of the warrior tanking issue. Removing defense rating and not giving us anything in return, basically shafting warrior tanks by making 264+ gear like crappy greens because we are missing nearly 600+ points of a stat.

And then removing armor pen for crit, but also making crit rating worth less towards actual crit percentage. I had nearly 700 more crit when armor pen vanished and had the same amount of crit percentage. Are they retarded? warriors won't stack crit, they will be stacking strength so why make crit work less when they think we will over use it.

Then giving a new ability that is supposed to fill the lvl 80 rotation. I.E. strike, which in the end is useless as it shares a cooldown with ms even though their cd's are diffrent.

Why the hell am I being a test dummy for their cata fuck ups, am I being paid to be a tester for their expansion. Hell no, I am paying them so why the hell are they coming out with incomplete expansions and EXPECTING us to tell them how much it sucks and what to fix?

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Fury report card for Wrath {WoW}

Aug 7th 2010 3:15PM I have only one character, a warrior and I have nutured and geared him to the best of my ability. Trying out each spec vs prefrence and what I want to do. I tried tanking and got pretty good at it, but now my tanking is my off off off spec, arms/main,fury/off, pvp/off, prot/off. Now all of these gear sets are beatly considering I have all of them, even though fury is the same gear set with one more weapon. My arms is 3200+ with fury slightly below that due to lower lvl weapon. My pvp is about 3000+ with prot pushing 3050+. I have found that running fury in trash is best, while switching to arms for boss/single target encounters is best. Maxing what fury is about and maxing whats arms strength is. But I know very well that arms will be taking a hard hit when arp is taken away, but hope that the changes to arms in cata will make up for that loss. But I have seen at low lvl that arms out dps's fury until a certain gear point, and then fury dominates everything in the warrior class. Prot warriors have had a tough time in icc, so people tend to avoid them and take the safe bet of a fury warrior into a raid. Cause even if a geared fury warrior sucks, they will still spew out 7k dps and upwards of 11k if they are good.