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Going really, really hardcore with WoW {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2007 4:48PM WoW might be tame in its approach to death and pvp, but I think that is a large part of its success. People who play MMORPGs play them to build a character and watch it grow as they progress. A "play for keeps" design takes away from the affinity people have for their characters. They care less about them, because they know they could lose it all at any given moment. No one enjoys having all the gear, which they spent a year or more obtaining, vanish before their eyes because a sadistic punk decides he's going to vent his anger about being grounded by Mom and Dad.

I, personally, cannot see hardcore pvp succeeding on an MMO level. I've played small community MUDS where it works out, because everyone gets to know everyone else, and you know who to look out for. The problem with MMOs is the chaotic randomness of having so many people playing. Chances are, any time you play, the only people who won't jack you for your gear are those who are you friends, those who can't solo you, and those who can't muster enough friends to take you down.

If wanting to hang onto the stuff that I worked for is "carebear," then call me Tenderheart.

And if these people who play on these servers are so incredibly "hardcore," maybe they should step it up and join the military IRL where the REAL risk is.

That being said, I would not mind seeing servers pop up that would allow you to level up through PVP. WoW has made me really happy with the addition of gear obtainable solely through PVP (it brought me back, after canceling my subscription), and I think that aspect could be taken further. More capturable towns like Halaa would be great. Giving a tangible reward other than access to NPCs would be great, too.

Breakfast Topic: Do druids need a rez? {WoW}

Jun 29th 2007 1:00PM I have a 70 Druid, and I've never gone Resto with it, largely for that reason. Why invest all my talents into being a non-raiding healer (Raids annoy me) if I'd have to invite another healer, anyway? I think it would be a wise choice on Blizzard's part to make OOC rezzing a deep Resto talent. Make it a tier 31 talent so you can't possibly be a Moonkin or have Mangle and still have the OOC rez. It only makes sense. If Balance/Feral Spec can both battle rez, why wouldn't the Resto Spec be able to do better than that?

Blue Notes: PvP trinkets, Mage S2 armor, Focused Mind {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 6:59PM Being able to trinket out of sap and blind is even better than DC.

Insider Trader: The fishing splash -- wait for it ... {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 3:01PM @6,7, and 8

I forgot to include that as an exemption, but it seems to me that Blizzard created that event to get people to fish more (supporting my theory that no one likes doing it). It's an isolated instance. I could say you never see level 70 Horde in Elwynn, and you would, in turn, tell me they're there all the time when the Darkmoon Faire is.

Insider Trader: The fishing splash -- wait for it ... {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 2:29PM Trying not to be completely off-topic, I wish they'd change fishing to be MORE interactive. I've never hit it hardcore for that reason, alone. If I want to "fish," I'll grab a fishing pole and really go fishing. I play a game to play a game. The fishing mechanic of WoW doesn't even begin to approach the fun of a casual web-based flash game for the amount of time it takes up. Blizzard has some of the better game designers in the industry, so why can't they come up with something better than staring at a bobber? The one exciting aspect of fishing that was ever in the game was the possibility of fishing up a green or blue item, and they removed it.

Honestly, how many people fish in WoW because the mechanic is fun? They've basically made it a time-consuming version of picking an herb. when I think about it, Herbing is more fun, because you have to weave between mobs and/or fight them off to get to the nodes. You might even have to PVP for the rights to pick it, if you're on the appropriate server. I can't remember ever seeing someone jumped while fishing, then see the ganker proceed to farm the node. Why...? Because no one wants to fish.

Hey! I needed that! {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 2:05PM Seems like a simple solution to me if you can stomach being nice.

If you need the mobs, politely explain that you're questing on them and ask if you can join for the kill count or quest loot they drop. If for some reason a lvl 70 feels the need to loot lower level mobs, the quest items are usually only lootable by those who are on the quest. I've, personally, never been refused using such etiquette. Though I have been simply ignored (but that could be for a plethora of reasons... foremost in my mind being that they don't speak English...).

Being on the farming end of it, it only makes sense to offer to let them group with you. Make it clear what you're there for, and they really have no choice but to let you have it. I usually try to offer and invite unless the lower lvl quester is rude before I even realize they are questing there.

On a side note, I've come across some kind upper lvls who let me flip the scenario. A mage was farming bats for Darkmoon rep (does that sound right?), and I was lucky enough to follow him around skinning them all.

Chances are, if they're that high level, they understand what you're going through (and probably a few times over).

Totem Talk: What's wrong with Shamans? {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 1:26PM *should have read "no anti-CC"

Totem Talk: What's wrong with Shamans? {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 1:24PM Alright. I've never made a high level Shaman, but I've faced them and have a friend who Arenas as an Enhancement Shaman. I'd actually like to make an end-game PVP one, but I have too many projects already. However, I'd like to propose that points 3, 4, and 5 of the article are not entirely true.

3. To compare totem cooldowns to blessings is rubbish. You get one aura, one blessing, and one seal at a time. Blessings and Seals pop the global cooldown, and auras are range restrictive (similar to a totem). A class that can Purge 2 of those Paladin buffs instantly really shouldn't complain about them. Please don't drag Paladins into a gripe post about Shamans unnecessarily. They're different than Shamans and have their own set of problems (How often do you see a Paladin out-DPS a non-Resto Sham? C'mon, you have to have seen it at least once. No?).

4. You shouldn't use absolutes in grey areas. If you claim to have NO CC whatsoever, then I expect you to NEVER use Tremor Totem. Take it off your buttons, and claim you never trained a single rank in it. Again, if you have no CC, explain to me how that Resto Shaman beat my OP Affliction Lock solo in AV last night. I was even dirty enough to drain his mana pool to near empty while he spammed heals (my felhunter was even out).

5. Returning to your comment about 8 second fights, have YOU ever faced a properly geared Elemental Shaman (that means plenty of +damage&healing, no +healing, and as much stam/int as you can muster) while you're at 3/4 health on a non-healing character? My rogue could tell tales. Oh, and what about triple Windfury crits for 3k+ damage in one swing? If you're talking about solo PVP, then yes, Resto is the best (some might say only) option. Shamans, however, are a group class (that's right, just like their counterparts, the Paladins). Their strength is in versatility and utility. I've fought non-resto shams that outgear me and lose every time. On the flip-side, I've fought under-geared ones who hand it to me every time. Blizzard does a much better job of balance than people realize. Give an Enhancement Shaman a Drakefist and any other haste items he can get his/her hands on, then pop bloodlust. Watch Windfury in action.

In the end, I DO agree Shamans need a buff. They were monsters before TBC, but they didn't scale up as well when the xpac hit the live servers. My point here is that such gross generalizations don't belong in a post intended to help change things. Blizzard knows its own game inside and out. If you want them to take a serious look at what you're saying, you'll have to think your petition through a bit more carefully and offer positive, balanced solutions to what you see as an issue. /novel

"Stranglethorn Hole" and the doom of casual WoW? {WoW}

Jun 14th 2007 5:46PM I already posted in the other thread concerning player fall-off, but I like some points concerning leveling "buffs."

To the ones saying everyone's too hyped up on instantgratificati-itis, you really need to get 3 characters beyond 60 to understand the grueling nature of it. I, too, played D&D (yes, the D&D before AD&D) and text-based MUDS (which condoned botting, as it took days of played time for just one level, in the higher tiers).

I'm of the opinion that we WILL see a way to level through the lower levels soon. Blizzard is not foolish enough (I hope) to expect new subscribers to slog through 70 levels of questing/grinding to get to the new content and play with their friends, once the next expansion comes out. It might require us to continually complain about the grind for a bit, but at the very least I foresee them trying to cap the leveling time to around what it required to initially get from 1-60 prior to TBC (i.e. if it took you 14 days played time to get from 1-60 before TBC, it should now take you 14 days to get from 1-70).

Here's hoping some CMs/Devs drop by to read this article and the ensuing comments.