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12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 12: SteelSeries prize pack {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2011 8:00AM i'm here for your loots

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 12: WoW novel prize pack {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2011 7:54AM helping to fend off idiocracy one book at a time

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 5: Chronicles of War anthologies {WoW}

Dec 27th 2010 11:38AM Here on top of Edinburgh Castle, in conditions of extreme secrecy, men are being trained for the British Army's first Kamikaze Regiment, the Queen's Own McKamikaze Highlanders. So successful has been the training of the Kamikaze Regiment that the numbers have dwindled from 30,000 to just over a dozen in three weeks

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 5: Razer Naga gaming mouse {WoW}

Dec 26th 2010 9:26AM Everyday thousands of Affliction locks are mercilessly beaten down in PvP by classes with high burst damage. A Razer Naga would help to ease the pain and level the playing field....please...think about the locks :(

Breakfast Topic: Your world of Warcraft {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2010 7:19AM Is it just me or did this article remind you of the movie Clerks 2?

"As you know, my online handle is Optimus Prime. "

Drama Mamas: When NSFW guild chat aggros a parent {WoW}

Nov 20th 2010 7:17AM Again, the story is one sided. I allow my 9 yr old to play but only while i'm sitting with her and have all chat turned off. I also do not have her toon guilded even if I am the GL, my guild is 18+ for a reason.

at any rate this seems like something that should be handled by the GL and officers, if chat logs are available that's even better. Something just seems off to me, why would someone /gquit if they feel that they were in the right?

Time zone is not really a factor in all of this, if the "enraged mom" has been in the guild for any length of time she is fully aware of the types of conversations that pop up on a regular basis and therefore shouldn't have allowed her child to be involved.

MLG DC starts tonight for WoW {WoW}

Oct 16th 2010 8:30PM same here...all I has was music for 30 mins now it just says "stream not active"