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The Light and How to Swing It: We should never have had a block chance mastery {WoW}

Jan 20th 2012 5:52PM I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks blocking is stylistically boring! *swishes blood elf hair*

I'm wondering if the problem could be mitigated by making Mastery a little more streamlined. For example, instead of having 33 (soon to be 37, as we're getting three new Monk specs and Feral / Guardian is splitting up), we have 12 Masteries, and each Spec slightly alters how that Mastery functions.

For Example:

Death Knights (Runic Empowerment; triggering attacks depend on spec)
Druids (Omen of Clarity; triggering attacks depend on spec)
Paladin (Divine Purpose; triggering spells / attacks depend on spec)
Priests (Evangelism; triggering spells depend on Spec)
Warriors (successful attacks generate additional rage; abilities depend on spec)

If a model like this was adopted, I would say that the Pure DPS classes (Rogue / Mage / Hunter / Warlock) would have completely separate Masteries based on spec, because those three classes NEED drastic differences between them. For the hybrids, however, basic playstyle is different enough to not warrant a drastically different Mastery (i.e. Weapon Choice between Arms and Fury or Pet / No Pet between Frost and Unholy).

How could tanking design be changed? {WoW}

Jan 11th 2012 2:54PM Yes. Yes I did. Herpa derp ....

How could tanking design be changed? {WoW}

Jan 11th 2012 2:48PM I've never played the new Star Wars MMO, so I'm sorry if I'm not entirely correct; I'm just going off of what my friends who did make the switch are telling me.

My buddy, who was a long-time Warcraft tank alongside of me, absolutely hates Star Wars' tanking system. He literally went on a 15 minute rant last night about everything from not having the tools you need at the proper levels (something about not getting your taunt until nearly 10 levels after your first Flashpoint) to the mob AI being ridiculously hard to control (something about most enemies being ranged attackers who strafe around instead of rushing you when silenced / interupted). Again, I don't know much about the game because I haven't been a fan of the Star Wars franchise since Phantom Menace destroyed my childhood, but a lot of the problems he spoke of sounded pretty damning when determining if a game had a good tanking system or not.

Regardless, Star Wars is a fairly new game that is sure to iron out its problems in time. However, the whole "Acidic Star Wars fans vs. Die Hard Warcraft fans" battle has lost its charm (if it ever had any to begin with), so I'd appreciate if you didn't post her just to basically say "Star Wars did it better," especially when the game you're comparing models to hasn't even hit Alpha yet.

As a tank going on his fifth or sixth year in the business, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to Active Mitigation. As a Paladin tank, I can't tell you how much more sense it makes that I'd be using my Holy Power to Protect myself and others instead of dealing damage like some watered-down Retribution Paladin; after all, the idea that Holy Power should have been used to survive was present in our community almost immediately, as Word of Glory had to have a Cooldown slapped on it because we would ONLY use it to heal ourselves in a raid situation during T11 content. I hate to say it, sir, but I would be inclined to say that your opinion is in the minority when it comes to active mitigation.

How could tanking design be changed? {WoW}

Jan 11th 2012 2:38PM I kind of like the idea of Parry and Dodge no longer being secondary stats; instead, having Agility grant Dodge chance for Monks and Druids and Strength granting Parry chance for Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors. If you had them scale at similar rates, you could theoretically keep the passive damage reduction fairly low.

As a Protection Paladin, I also think that our Mastery is the most boring of all Mastery abilities currently in the game. I mean, at least Warriors get Critical Block chance off of their Mastery when they hit the soft cap! For a Paladin, Mastery is this passive benefit that you only truly notice when you sit down and look at a spread sheet. As part of active Mitigation, I think that passive Block Chance would need to go on both Paladins and Warriors.

I think we're getting to this point in World of Warcraft where, on the heels of Bring the Player, not the Class, many of the different specializations in a given role are starting to feel too similar. Fire Mage feels too much like Destruction Warrior. Protection Paladin feels too much like Protection Warrior. So on and so forth. Class / Spec balance is closer than its ever been, and the new Talent and Specialization design in Mists of Pandaria promises to bring that design closer than its ever been before. In my opinion, Blizzard's real challenge is going to be bringing that balance closer while upholding the differences in Specialization. You can see efforts towards this even now in Cataclysm, with the introduction of mechanics like Solar / Lunar power, Shadow Orbs, or Soul Shards. If every specialization could get some sort of resource or mechanic like this to make them unique in gameplay, I think you're going to have a more interesting game; even if ultimately there isn't a real difference between a Hot Streaked Pyroblast or a Soulfire used at max Incinerary Embers.

Arcane Brilliance: Blinking into the Mists of Pandaria talent calculator, the epic conclusion {WoW}

Dec 11th 2011 2:46AM I actually posted this on the forums, but I feel like the biggest problem with the Mage trees is that they don't acknowledge one of the driving points of the Mage class as a whole; if you're playing a Mage, for the most part you only really use spells typed to your specialziation. Sure, Fire mages polymorph warlocks into bunnies (at least I do!), Frost mages cast portal spells, and Arcane mages use Ice Block, but for the most part, mages stick with spells of their specialization's type when dealing damage. I think one of the very unattractive things about the Mage tree right now is that you're looking at spells like Scorch and the bomb spells that deal damage, but that are also very clearly typed to a specific specialization. To elaborate, Mage has NEVER been about cross-specializing in schools of magic (save for a brief Frostfire romp in Wrath of the Lich King); it's one of the defining things that's separated Mages from other pure DPS classes; even though Rogues can specialize in Stealth, Poison, or Swordplay, all rogues use all three to an extent, just like all Warlocks use fire, shadow, and demons, or all Hunters use pets, ranged attacks, and traps. Fire mages traditionally don't use frost or arcane spells, and it's a feeling that the Mists of Pandaria Talent Calculate completely looses compared to tradition.

I think that Blizard's best bet is to make spells like the bombs and scorch all deal "magic damage based on the mage's specialization;" Living Bomb deals Fire damage if you're a Fire Mage, Frost damage if you're a Frost mage, etc. There are a couple of talents that are still no-brainers (if you're Arcane, you're NEVER going to pick Mana Shield, and BlazinG speed, a Mobility talent, has no business being in a tier dedicated to survivability ESPECIALLY in place of Cauterize) or downright awful (I think Ice Ward needs something else added onto it, or it needs to dropped / folded back into Ice Barrier). Hopefully Blizzard'll lie to use and let us know what they're thinking long before testing actually starts!

All the World's A Stage: Plot points for members of the Kirin Tor {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 3:31PM Considering that the organization is primarily a union between elves and humans, I'd imagine that the Kirin'Tor distance themselves from the Alliance and Horde to prevent the split of their city. Most of the high elves in the world joined the sin'dorei, after all (this can even be seen when Kael'thas, who was a member of the Kirin'Tor and was in Dalaran at the time of the sacking of Silvermoon, left Dalaran and renamed his people "Blood Elves." Chances are that many elves who were in Dalaran were sympathetic towards their prince and shared his sentiments if they didn't accompany him directly).

You can sort of see the start of this polarization of the Kirin'Tor in Wrath of the Lich King. I'd imagine that when the Scourge War and Nexus War ended, the Kirin'Tor devoted themselves to realigning the world's ley lines after Malygos uprooted them, and that would require ALL of the Kirin'Tor to remain united. So it's probably an issue that Rhonin and the rest of the Council has swept to the side. For now.

The Light and How to Swing It: Holy Shield and the future of active mitigation {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2011 1:34PM I'm personally in the opinion that 1) Inquisition is a lame Holy Power dump for tanks and 2) Holy Power should have always been about survivability for Protection. In the case of #1, you barely need Inquisition anymore after the first 10 - 30 seconds of using the AoE threat rotation, and unlike Shield of the Righteous, Inquisition's effects are not noticeable; Shield of the Righteous does a big chunk of damage while Inquisition improves everything else slightly. For #2, our DPS spec uses Holy Power to DPS, our healing spec uses Holy Power to heal, so why doesn't our tank spec us Holy Power to mitigate / survive? As we all know, not dying is a tank's REAL job ;-P.

Personally, the first think I would like to see for Protection Paladins is a model similar to what Greg Street proposed. Inquisition is left to Retribution, Shield of the Righteous no longer requires Holy Power (but therefore doesn't hit anywhere near as hard as it used to), and Word of Glory, Holy Shield, and MAYBE a third ability are the primary outlet for Holy Power (to be frank, Holy Shield and World of Glory would probably be fine on their own).

For Word of Glory, first the ability would need to have no Cooldown. If we're going to be expected to actively use it to mitigate, then the ability needs to actively be active in the first place. In such a word, it might need a tune-down in how much it can heal. I also think that Guarded by the Light could use a tweak or two, but I suppose we'll see. Now, for Holy Shield, it should probably stay similar to what it is now, except drop the base damage blocked down to 30%, maybe add a small bit of the damage reflection back from the TBC glory days. Then use Holy Power charges to determine how long it lasts. And yes, I am aware that 30% is the base number of what a Paladin blocks right now. The reason I suggest 30% as a base is so that Paladins can essentially be backwards Death Knights.

Added either to our Mastery or to Holy Shield itself, I think the amount of damage blocked by Holy Shield should scale with Expertise. It makes more sense than Hit; someone with more Expertise in using a shield is going to be better at blocking attacks. They'd be an expert at it, as a matter of fact. I don't like the idea of tying Hit rating to Holy Shield. I shouldn't have to "hit" an oncoming attack. I think tying the mechanic to expertise is not only fair (Paladins now view Expertise as a mitigation stat instead of a threat stat), but themeatically makes more sense than Hit rating.

That isn't to say that I'm against Paladin tanks ever needing Hit Rating either. If Blizzard finds a way to do it, cool. Just don't tie it to Holy Shield. I think wanting Crusader Strike and perhaps Shield of the Righteous to hit is a good start. I like the idea of turning Shield of the Righteous into a cooldown (12 - 18 seconds) that generates Holy Power and does something else is a cool one. A short cooldowned attack that makes a charge of Holy Power could be the thing we need to shaken up the 69 Rotation a little bit; perhaps add a cool chance Proc on Shield of the Righteous that immediately copies the last Holy Power attack the Paladin used at the same Holy Power strength; that would make it a button you want to press.

In terms of making tanks want more Stats, I think Blizzard did it best with Death Knights and Druids. Neither one of those classes looks at Hit, Expertise (DK) or Crit (Druid) and says "these stats will help me keep threat!" They look at those stats and say "I need these stats to survive." Ultimately, if Blizzard wants Warriors and Paladins to care about stats other than Mastery, then they need to give reasons why we should, and one of the obvious answers, as I showed with my own opinions above, is to tie the effectiveness of Mastery to another stat, in my case, Holy Shield gets more effective as you gain Mastery and Expertise; it will actually work more often and with more Expertise you mitigate more damage.

That's my $20 on the topic.

Know Your Lore: Azshara and the Blue Dragonflight {WoW}

Jan 10th 2011 12:36PM I think it's more likely that the Black Dragon Egg you purify and save from the Black Dragonflight in the Badlands quests hatches into a female dragon and grows up into someone that can take on the Earthwarden's mantle.

Know Your Lore: Nathanos Marris, pg 2 {WoW}

Aug 9th 2010 1:25PM I like to think that Anduin Wrynn has something to do with the current increase in human hunter popularity. The WoW Comic has done a pretty good job of showing off his favoritism with the bow and arrow, and it stands to reason that he could end up becoming a ranger. Since Lore-wise he's 15 now, it stands to reason that he could be decently well-trained in the arts of war; doubly so since he is the son of a war-time king.