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Teaching in WoW {WoW}

Sep 28th 2007 2:59PM woot Windrunner!

Patch 2.3 and you: Paladin special edition {WoW}

Sep 27th 2007 5:22PM @11, while I won't disagree that more threat on any tank is a great thing, I do disagree that Warriors need more threat building abilities, as compared to other tanks. For instance, Pally tanks are screwed over if the mob that they are tanking loses aggro to an over-zealous DPSer. If a paladin's "taunt" is resisted the pally is, unfortuantly, probably not going to get that mob back. The Paladin will go oom with his burst damage spells, trying to peel that mob back off the party member, and because he isn't getting heals because he isn't taking damage his little blue rage bar will remain empty. While a warrior can regenerate rage (albeit at a slower rate) by hitting the mob, so he can continue to taunt and throw in higher threat attacks. Since Druids use the same energy mechanic (rage) I would assume that they have similar abilities for regaining aggro on a wayward mob, but my experiences are limited so I will not swear by it.

Alas, the OP was about retribution. I think an elegant solution would be a spell that is effectively the opposite of righteous fury. Maybe "Righteous Subtlety" to reduce threat for retribution pallies. (Sorry for the Leength.)

Breakfast Topic: Funny Stuff {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2007 4:03PM

This one always makes me happy. "Just Keep Swimming."

Around Azeroth: A Terokkar monument {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2007 11:15AM There is no relationship to Curator. It is part of the druid quest for their epic flight form. There are two more statues around Terokkar.

Take a minute to read the questline, it's amazingly well thought out, and very creative.

Breakfast Topic: Where in Azeroth would you live? {WoW}

Aug 20th 2007 9:52AM Zangramash was really pleasant, especially after hellfire, and as a biologist the story arc there sort of appeals to me. I also thought Azshara was really beautiful, but its crap to get around in and there are only a couple quests for horde. I loved me some Mulgore too. :)

Arcane Brilliance: The Magical Nation of Dalaran {WoW}

Aug 19th 2007 2:23AM Bah! and I forgot Paladins! Uther, The Silver Hand, Arthas, the new Bloodnights, etc.

Arcane Brilliance: The Magical Nation of Dalaran {WoW}

Aug 19th 2007 2:12AM "This is the first time in the lore of Warcraft that I can recall the storyline surrounding one particular class as a whole."

Uhm, druids druids druids! They are by far the most well defined class in the lore of Warcraft. Malfurian, War of the Ancients, the Emerald Dream/ Nightmare. And what about those wacky shaman? their connection to the elemental spirits and the storyline of Thrall reclaiming his shamanistic birthright.

I hope Blizz does something really awesome with Dalaran, but man They need to give us the Emerald Dream! The Barrow Dens in Moonglade where it spills over into the waving world of Azeroth is amazing and beautiful.

The media's crush on Nintendo {Joystiq}

Jan 12th 2006 1:38PM I would just like to add that as was mention in a previous post I feel most gaming sources such as IGN and 1UP tend to ignore Nintendo, leaving the console races up to Sony and Microsoft, and only bringing up its name to talk about how underpowered it's machines are. However I can see how many major news outlets, such as Newsweek, do provide a lot of love for Nintendo through their articles on the DS and the upcoming Revolution. However I would say that XBox and PSX get their share of the love too.

I am a fan of "the Big N" and I am as quick as anyone to stand up for a lot of the company's ideas, but would still like to see some things changed, or at least concerns addressed:

First, why doesn't NOA have more autonomy in development and promotion? I would like to see more American development from Nintendo, and well as more localized Japanese games, and originals IPs! Electroplakton and Braintraning are great first steps, but releasing more niche-market games in the US would separate you from your competition and give you an edge that they don't have.

Finally, why not be a little more public with your plans. I understand that you're "working the hype machine" and there are some trade secrets, but sometimes we go months and months without any news from the company. That can be a long dry spell, just remind us that you're still there and working for us gamers.