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Know Your Lore: The Old Gods part three -- Yogg-Saron {WoW}

Aug 12th 2010 8:53AM Felix Unger? Oscar Madison? Tony Randall? WHO???

I enjoyed the article but as one of the of many thousands of non-US readers, I didn't understand the reference. What might seem common knowledge in the USA is an obscure unknown cultural reference to the majority of the planet. I would prefer not to have to do an extensive wiki bio check just to comprehend an article fully.

When I post on a forum with an international readership I don't name-check minor local celebrities and avoid making reference to things people outside my small part of the world would understand. I'd appreciate it if the article writers here did the same.

And incidentally, before I get rabid foaming-at-the-mouth feedback, this isn't an America bashing post. I'm pointing out that the whole world is reading and would like to understand too. Thankyou.