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Breakfast Topic: What's the next big change? {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2011 2:07PM There's only one thing I want to see. The same thing I've wanted to see since Cataclysm ruined the game for me, what is it?

Simple - Pre-Cataclysm servers, allowing me to play the game I fell in love with, the game I purchased, subscribed to, and devoted several years of my life to. Not the current incarnation with it's dumbed-down mechanics, simplified questing, and emphasis on instant gratification, rather than letting us put some actual effort into things in order to get the rewards.

People will doubtless accuse me of failing to move forward, and wallowing in nostalgia. Actually I have no problem at all with moving forward and creating new content. The more new content the better in fact! What I do have an issue with is the overwriting of existing content. It's like they snatched my favourite book out of my hands, forcibly wrote over the existing text, leaving it a barely-recognisable skeleton of it's former self.. then handed it back to me, telling me that I was no longer allowed to read the original novel. In short, I'm not happy at all, and haven't been for some time.

As far as I'm concerned Cataclysm destroyed a game I loved. It killed it stone-dead, which is why I'm allowing my account to expire and not renewing it. Maybe I'll have a re-think in the unlikely event of them ever releasing a pre-Cataclysm server.

Drama Mamas: Vent troubles vs. That Guy {WoW}

Mar 28th 2011 7:51AM Very disturbed by Lisa's response to VT.

Lisa - if you are going to contribute to an advice column, irrespective of your agreement or otherwise with those seeking your advice - it helps to have at least some kind of human empathy with that person. You have shown almost none.

Whilst kicking people while they are down might seem justified from the perspective of a hard-nosed Sergean Major seeking to 'toughen up' fledgeling recruits, it has little place (or justification) within an advice column.

I can only assume that your response was some strange 'tough love' attempt to 'shock' VT into realising his mistakes, and avoiding similar circumstances in the future; however in reality this kind of tactic rarely (if ever) works. It frankly amazes me that I need to resort to such elementary concepts as positive vs negative reinforcement, when the success of the former, and failure of the latter as a motivational tactic is so well known.

I am stunned by your (apparent) support of the abusive and public dressing down that VT received from the Raid Leader. Even if VT was wrong on 100% of all counts, even if he acted as the most arrogant, self-entitled brat imaginable (and we have zero evidence to suggest that this was the case) there is still absolutely no excuse for this verbal abuse from a guild officer. Verbal abuse carried out in public channels pushes the problem beyond the realm of credibility.

Rather than 'man up and apologise' to this Raid Leader, as you suggested (you may as well have told VT to lower his pants and bend over in front of the RL) I would be not only questioning the RL's fitness to lead a raid, but his overall fitness for guild membership.

I asure you that if I was the GM of that guild the RL would be facing some very serious questions right now.

Spiritual Guidance: The ups and downs of the 4.0.1 shadow priest {WoW}

Oct 21st 2010 6:11AM To the person who said "what does it matter what your DPS is on trash"?

Unfortunately, for many PuG leaders, trash DPS is very important, and you'll be judged on your performance, and no amount of excuses about how your AOE was nerfed, or how Shadow Priest damage has a slow ramp-up time will excuse you.

I've been kicked from exactly two Heroics so far since the patch, on my Shadow Priest. She's modestly geared in a mix of T9 and T10 pieces, a few bits from Icecrown 5-mans, and two crappy trinkets

On single target mobs (such as bosses) I can generally do around 5k DPS, sometimes more, and often topping meters. I personally believe that 5k DPS is overpowered for a standard Wrath Heroic.

However on trash I lag behind, and if there's some uber-geared DPS in the group that can nuke down trash in nanoseconds (like the KIngslayer-titled DPS warrior we had in my last Gundrak who remained at a steady 9k throughout the entire run) I just don't have time to do much before the fight is over, and my numbers looks very shoddy.

Was booted from POS on Monday after the third trash pull, which was all downed in around 7 seconds flat... because "ur DPS sucks lol" (I was reading at around 2.8k on Recount, and the Mage was reading at 7k).

Was kicked again from HoS last night before we got to the first boss and told to "come back when you L2P". Once again, I was reading at around 3k, when some Boomkin in the group was wrecking the meters with a solid 7k dps.

If these people ahd given me a chance to actually do some sustained DPS and fight a boss, they might have realised that I have a lot to offer a group, and can truly put out some decent numbers.. but this poor performance on trash is not giving me the chance, sadly.

Miserable Shadow Priest.

Call for Submissions: Patch 4.0.1 reactions {WoW}

Oct 15th 2010 8:20AM Is there anyone that can help me with a query pertaining to Shadow Priests? I'd post on the official WoWEU forums, Priest section - however previous experience has taught me well that doing so just results in a bunch of petulant children telling me that I suck.. so I avoid them like the plague.

Basically, I'm a L80 none-raiding Shadow Priest, who, prior to 4.1 was in full T9 gear, other badge gear plus a few ICC 5 man bits and bobs.

I could do around 3.5k DPS in 5 mans, or on dummys if I really tried. I accepted that this was below-par, as other SPriests who made forum posts were constantly going on about how they easily did 11-17k DPS on dummys, self buffed. I simply assume that they are considerably more skilled than I am, and also are absolutely dripping with 'best in slot' items.

Now, to get to the point. Before 4.1 hit, I was farming Kurenei rep, killing Ogres in Nagrand. My method was simply to put Devouring Plague on an Ogre, then use Shadow Word Death = dead Ogre.

I finally got 4.1 working on Thursday evening, and logged in, spent a lot of time assigning talents, checking gems, reforging and stuff, (using the excellent guide written by Fox Van Allen earlier in the week). and practicing the new stuff on a dummy. I also went to Dalaran and bought the T10 robe and gloves, as I now had a load of these new marks in my currency tab. Back to the dummy and I could now get well in excess of 4k DPS, which was nice. Did some Heroics, and found that I did absolutely crap on trash, as my attempts to single target them were useless - the Mage in our group had them down in nanoseconds before my DOTs had even a chance to do anything, but I did well on the bosses.

Logged in this morning, and went back to the Ogres. Only now, my attempts at the same spells - Devouring Plague, then Shadow Word death resulted not in a dead Ogre, but a damaged one, still very much alive.

So - what's happening? I heard that there were some stealth nerfs to SWD, but is it so heavily nerfed that it's now worse that pre-4.1? Remember I'm now upgraded to two pieces of T10, fully gemmed and enchanted.

If this is the case, what the heck do I do on trash now? Mind Sear seems to be next to useless, and I'm genuinely unsure how to play in 5-mans in anything other than boss fights.

Breakfast Topic: The best class choice for new players {WoW}

Aug 13th 2010 6:37AM I finally managed to talk my wife into giving WoW a try in early May. I was a bit worried about how she might react toward other players giving her a hard time in dungeons, and so I gave her standard old lecture about the 'idiots you meet in this game', explained to her that a lot of them were just mouthy children, and that if it happened, 'just imagine them all as daft kids having a tantrum'. I guess I'm a bit protective toward her, and it's probably not really required.. but that's husbands for you!

She was most interested in trying a Night Elf Druid, due to the, aesthetics and Cat Form (she's a cat lover), and I certainly didn't discourage this notion, as to my mind, a Druid as your first character teaches you some very useful grass-routes skills as you progress - How to play in three different roles, the basics of healing, and managing three different resources. Took her a long time to get used to the control mechanism, of mouse and keyboard, and for the first few days, she was all over the place, struggling to navigate terrain, and the tricky spiral steps leading to Nelf buildings - with the camera pointed at crazy angles; and constandly taking adds in combat due to lack of situational awareness.... But as I was pretty much the same on my first character, it brought back a few memories. I'd sit and watch her play, occasionally giving advice, which she didn't always follow.

She'd go up three or four levels when playing alone, but forgetting to assign new talent points, learning new spells from the trainer, but not putting them on her action bars... struggling with multiple pulls during those tricky Gnoll quests in Redridge, slowly learning to use her spells and abilities.. but it was all worth it, at 20, and Cat Form. I remember how it felt on my first Druid.. like suddenly being given a turbo-charged sports car, after plodding for days in the slow lane.

Right now, she's level 80, still in mostly quest blues, but with the epic flying skill, and slowly replacing her stuff as she goes. She's using the Dungeon Finder every day, and her initial method seemed to be 'just click the first button you see', which happens to be random Heroic. She didn't even know that she was doing heroic dungeons.

I worry sometimes, when I see her 1.5k DPS on Recount, as she tries to keep up with the ICC geared rushers, blasting through at lightning speed and blitzing out 4 and 5k DPS. It's all far too fast for her, and very difficult for her to practice a proper rotation, or get to grips with things.. .and she's often lagging behind, skinning and looting mobs, or trying to complete quests, while the uncaring group race ahead without stopping. The act of skipping bosses infuriates her, as she sees it as missing out on much-needed emblems and loot.

So-far, (touch wood), nobody has given her any abuse at all, despite her 'low' DPS. I guess I was probably being a bit over-cautious and worrying a bit too much about these 'abusive kids'.

Other thing is, I'm not sure about how I feel regarding giving Cat Form to Druids at L8 in the expansion. I like the way the current mechanics give a player 10 levels to play in a caster role, then another 10 in a prot role.. then teaching them to play in a DPS role.. it all seems very instructive and nicely balanced toward teaching core skills, and the sense of reward and accomplishment after slogging through those 20 levels and then getting Kitty Form feels great - that will all go come Cataclysm, replaced with near-instant gratification.

Breakfast Topic: Can't we all just get along? {WoW}

Aug 12th 2010 9:48AM Here's my idea: I posted it on the official forums some time ago, but it fell victim to a handful of trollish types who completely de-railed it. I'll try again on here.

- The game's sanctuary cities (Shattrath, Dalaran) have a room or small building set aside as an 'embassy' for each faction in the game. Or alternatively a single building or room with representative NPCs, similar to the Wyrmrest Accord.

- A player may, if they so choose, interact with any of the NPCs in the embassy(s), and if this NPC is an Ambassador for the opposing faction, their reputation for that faction becomes visible on their Reputation Tab, always set to the lowest negative value.

--- e.g. Night Elf speaks to Thunder Bluff Ambassador, reputation with Thunder Bluff now stands at 'Hated'.
--- Troll speaks to Ironforge Ambassador, reputation with Ironforge is now 'Hated'.

- The NPC (Ambassador) gives the player the option to perform a series of services (daily quests) for that faction, which, upon completion increase their reputation, at the cost of lowering rep with some of your home factions (more about that later).

--- Speaking with a member of your own faction that your are already at Friendly or higher rep with will simply result in a default message 'Greetings [player]'. However, if you have managed to lower your rep with them, then you are able to do the quests to re-gain that rep, at the cost of lowering rep with other factions.

---Note: Increasing rep with an opposing faction will also result in a DECREASE in rep with your own faction, the weighting of this is dependant upon how each faction regards the other:

-----e.g.. A Night Elf gaining reputation with Orgrimmar will result in an equal amount of faction reduction with Darnassus, due to poor Kaldorei/Orc relations (Warsong Gulch etc.), whereas a Night Elf gaining rep with Thunder Bluff will result in only a small decrease in Darnassus standing. A Human gaining rep with Undercity results in a large loss of rep with Stormwind (for obvious reasons) A Goblin gaining rep with Gnomeregan = large Goblin rep loss, but a Blood Elf gaining rep with Stormwind = small rep loss with Silvermoon.... I'm sure you get the idea......

-- In this manner making a decision to gain rep (and decide how much rep) with an opposing faction is not one that needs to be taken lightly; as there are real consequences. You'll need to put some thought into it. Gaining exalted status with Undercity, might make Stormwind become completely hostile to you, whereas only gaining neutral rep leaves you at Friendly status. It should be theoretically possible to be at neutral with every Alliance and Horde faction at once, but doing so would be quite difficult and time-consuming, and results in certain loss of privileges, such as discounts, items and certain quests.. but also offers benefits, such as cross-faction trading, guilds, friendlists, dungeon/raid groups services and communication.

---- Other significant consequences are that as soon as you gain Neutral rep with that faction, it is no longer possible to fight them in the open world, unless you choose to lower your rep, via working for an opposing faction. Battlegrounds and PvP zones remain unaffected.

Gaining Rep and Communication:

As soon as you reach the level of 'Unfriendly' with a faction you choose to gain rep with, you are allowed to visit that faction's towns and cities, without being attacked/PvP flagged. However you will only be allowed to interpret with a select few NPCs, who can give you additional quests, and be very limited in the type of services you can use -

-- For example it might be possible to find a single, sympathetic vendor who can repair, or one guard able to offer directions. All other NPCs will be openly unfriendly, and attackable, but will not attack you unless provoked. It might even be cool to have a few flavour emotes from guards and townsfolk.... '[NPC] looks at you distrustfully, and places a hand upon his weapon'.

Attacking an NPC of that faction causes all nearby guards to attack you, flags you for PvP, and reduces your rep with that faction.

At this point you will have limited understanding of that faction's speech, which improves as you gain rep.

Hated: No understanding.
Unfriendly: Garbled/incomplete understanding ('Zuk ruk go bank now zug zub find purse zuk zub) but inability for you to speak the language yourself.
Neutral: Mostly understandable, and that language will eventually appear in your language tab, at a low skill-level. Typing in it it produces a, debased semi-literate speech, similar to above.
Friendly - Exalted: You gain additional skill points as you do quests and progress, until your command of that language is flawless.

As soon as you reach honoured status with that faction, it is possible to group up with it's members, and share quests and dungeons. However it is only possible to join pre-made groups in this manner. Any PuG groups assembled via the Dungeon Finder tool can only ever be with your native factions. Only those who have Honoured or higher rep with the same 'opposing' faction as you can join these cross-faction groups.

e.g Both party members must have Friendly or higher rep with Undercity to group with any Undead players, no group may be formed without these pre-requisites.

-- At Friendly status, it becomes possible to do the normal quests, that are usually only available to the opposing faction: i.e A Troll with Stormwind Honoured rep can do 'Wanted Hogger'. The only exception to this are PvP quests.

-- You can purchase a mount of the faction your have gained rep with at Friendly status (e.g. Night Elf can purchase Kodo), however you will lose the ability to use this mount should your rep drop below Friendly with that faction. You may also gain the use of standard services such as Windriders, bank, auction house etc.

-- Banks will all be linked, and a Gnome using a Bank in Undercity, will find it no different to using the bank in Ironforge. Auction Houses will be linked to either Alliance or Horde, depending on faction. Having rep with an Alliance and Horde faction at the same time enables you to use both AHs). You also gain the ability to post items between Horde and Alliance characters, and vice versa, thus enabling your Alliance main to equip your Horde alt if you so choose.

-- The same scenario works in reverse for factions you lose rep with (i.e human no longer being able to interact with Stormwind NPCs, and them becoming attackable or even hostile) For the purposes of pure game mechanics, your command of that faction's language deteriorates as you lose rep with them.

This might also have some very interesting RP ramifications, such as the ability to 'betray' your own faction, and even openly attack (or be attacked by) it's members.

Battlegrounds, and dedicated PvP zones such as Wintergrasp work exactly as before. When queuing for a BG, you can only ever join as Alliance or Horde, and fight the other faction as normal. For the duration of the BG, the new faction mechanics are suspended, regardless of your rep, and you will not lose rep with that faction if you kill it's members.

World PvP depends on your standing with factions. For example it could be theoretically possible for a Tauren to fight (or be attacked by) both Dwarves and Blood Elves at once, resulting in a three-way skirmish. Players may choose to use this to their tactical advantage or not.

Should you manage to reach neutral status with every Horde and Alliance faction in the game, you will gain an achievement, plus the title 'Ambassador Extraordinary'. Possibly with other rewards such as a unique mount, or pet.

There's my idea, love it or loathe it. I'm sure there are many things I've not considered, or thought through properly, but that's what discussion is all about.