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Newest Final Fantasy XIV dispatch clarifies the value of stats {Massively}

Nov 6th 2010 10:13PM "Fortunately for players, Square-Enix's renewed commitment to player communication ..."

I read this in the article and was.... embarrassed. I mean really, SE's renewed commitment? First off to be "renewed" they had to have a commitment to it in the first place anyone who is not blind knows they had essentially zero worthwhile communication with the player base. Nor did they listen to the player base, hence the game being so bad they are afraid to even ask players to pay for fear they will ALL leave!

Elliot and the folks at Massively. Please stop embarrassing yourselves by making everything SE does sound like a positive and noble thing. This game shows they care little for the player and more for their own ego's and incredibly out of touch design philosophies than anything else.

Encrypted Text: Finding combat's missing damage {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 2:30AM The recent patch and combat rogue changes has seriously made me want to cancel my Cata CE preorder. Not only did they completely change the dynamic of the class (I used to have fun playing combat (as it was an ideal aoe/mobile single target rogue) where now I feel like a bastardized mutilation rogue (I dispise the fact that I have to use RUPTURE, I want my damage to come from HITS!).

The entire model seems to be so broken that I really don't see how they can fix it in time for the expansion. Raiding guilds in beta, like Paragon, have also reported that it's still broken even at 85, so all this talk about "wait and see it will work at 85!" is shown to be bogus, at least so far.

To make matters worse Blizzard, who has not a single Blue post in the rogue forums since I think February (and that was to tell off a rogue complaining about class issues) has yet to say a single word on the subject.

So what we have is what is supposed to be THE top melee DPS class now far far behind pallys, warriors, deathknights and even caster melee hybrids. This is not the game i signed up for and I sincerely hope Blizzard get's their programs in mind and fixes this problem soonest. I know of a lot of rogues that have shelved their characters due to this issue.

Craig Morrison on success and failure {Massively}

Sep 27th 2010 2:15PM Except that even viewed from a commercial perspective I'd argue that bother are failures and that both companies were forced to scale back on all those things he mentions: Infrastructure, content development, service and support staff.... because they failed to meet expectation.

Profitability doesn't necessarily mean success.

Craig Morrison on success and failure {Massively}

Sep 27th 2010 2:13PM Failure is simple to measure. It's when a title fails to meet customer expectations and therefore fails to meet sales objectives and receives poor critical reviews.

From that perspective AoC and Warhammer were failiures, although much less so than titles like Vanguard SOH (epic failure) and the just launched FFXIV (probably not an epic failure but I predict it will come close).

AoC was an enjoyable game to play and still has some appeal.

Warhammer as well, but for some reason it just missed it's mark.

Anti-Aliased: Don't hate the playa, hate the developa pt. 2 {Massively}

Aug 19th 2010 5:46PM First off, Seraphina, if you are going to write a story about people exaggerating their rants about games and developers please don't so the same thing in your story, but in the opposite direction.

I think it's an exaggeration to imply that 1) players think making MMO's are easy, or that all developers are stupid, or that none of them play MMOs. I guess maybe you were just going for drama? /shrug just as bad.

Secondly behind the vast majorty of these gamer rants are important kernels of truth. Behind implied criticisms and true constructive criticism.

FFXIV is a perfect example.

Here's a game where it's clear to anyone with half a brain that the company (SquareEnix) is developing in a vacuum. The vast majority of the community shares a common complaint with the game, one that was shared on FFXI I might add, and one that is mostly ignored by the developers, the combat/interaction/ui models. Just about everything other than the games graphics and sound.

Now when developers ignore complaints for long enough they turn into drama ridden flame rants. Why? Because the customer isn't being listened to or worse they are being listened to and ignored because the developer thinks they know best. And guess what, they don't.

Let's take Blizzard as an example, WoW specifically. WoW is the most successful MMO in history by a significant margin. And guess what most people might not know about the game. Blizzard hired the top gamers in the MMO scene at that point, from EQ, to build the game. These included Kaplan (Tigole, leader of Legacy of Steel), Alex, (Furor, leader of Fires of Heaven) and Rob Pardo (also a former LoS GL). THIS my friends is development done right. Not only does the company listen but they also hire the people who DO know best, not the programmers, but the players themselves (at least very intelligent and creative types).

The long and short of it is that many gaming companies make the mistake of thinking they DO know best (when they demonstratably don't) and because of their ego and inability to escape the trap of becoming enamored of their own cleverness... they fail realize that at the end of the day what is important is how the customer feels about the product, not the developer. MMOs are not art that simply hang on the wall where those who care can decide if they like it or not. MMOs are products for sale where the customers enjoyment is paramount.

Developers take note and don't let this blog post above convince you that customers have nothing of value to add, they do, and you really should listen.

Bill Roper departs Cryptic {Massively}

Aug 16th 2010 7:15PM Bill Roper is a tool. He has caused more grief in this game that should be humanly possible for a producer to generate. It's amazing he was allowed to stay on as long as he did.

FilePlanet offering FFXIV beta keys {Massively}

Aug 14th 2010 1:24AM I really love this story's disclaimer "The site is being very clear that this is a limited number of keys, and the FilePlanet powers-that-be are acting accordingly.". What, are you guys afraid of the anger of the FilePlanet gods if you imply they are doing anything nefarious?

Really, they are running a contest that essentially requires you to PAY and are not informing anyone of the odds of "winning". I'm pretty sure this is illegal in most states.

So go ahead and sign up and hand them money for nothing in return as they don't have enough keys for their current subscribers let alone the people they are trying to sucker in on this one.