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Breakfast Topic: It's not us, it's you {WoW}

Aug 18th 2010 8:20AM We had a pretty solid raiding group in TBC. It started off as a 10-man karazhan guild and after about 3 weeks we were progressing in SSC and TK. Our leader was one hard-to-the-bone GM who knew how to dish out dicipline. This went really well for about 2 months, then it became obvious that the rest of the guild was not as hardcore for the raiding as the leader was. The GM had to chill down on his wow career to focus on school, and a new GM stepped up. Suddenly half the guild was gone overnight.

The new GM was a really great guy. Very fair on loot rules and who get's to raid. Pretty soon we had cleared out ssc and TK, and progressing in hyjal and BT.
Then there was something about a healer in the guild who was kind of a douche. I am unsure of the detailes, but it ended with said healer and his friends changed guild, and even got their new guild on their side. Then followed a month or two with said guild sending hate mail and whispers to our GM and his wife. Things got pretty bad, and the Gm and his wife left the server. The guild stood without it's main tank and it's main healer.
Yet another GM stepped up. He is still the GM and the guild is doing fine in Icecrown these days. But i have honestly lost track of how many times we have "remade" the guild