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Encrypted Text: Rogue glyphs in the Cataclysm beta {WoW}

Sep 8th 2010 8:03PM Nice article. However reading the link of the glyphs at the beginning shows 5 or 6 minor glyphs. Maybe you can add them in?

The one question I have is about Subtlety. Why did they change Subtlety over to the Bleed Damage class? I love Subtlety. I realize the lack of DPS (so I rarely PvE with it), and generally PvP with either a ShadowStep or full Sub build. I loved the burst damage of it, and more importantly I love the play-style. When you (or at least me) think of a rogue, you think about a stealthy assassin who kills fast, and "vanishes" into thin air. Blizz even describes it as "A dark stalker who leaps from the shadows to ambush unsuspecting prey." The problem I have is that Bleeds are the exact opposite of burst stealthed damage.

Scattered Shots: Beast mastery rotation in Cataclysm {WoW}

Aug 19th 2010 3:07PM Now we are for getting about the Pet Design Pass that has yet to happen. I remember them (Blizzard) saying that exotic pets (BM only) have an additional skill than all the other pets. This could either turn out to be another auto-cast or button-mash skill, or it could add a whole new dimension to BM. It has the possibility to be another buff to micromanage, that changes with each pet. It could be that "signature" or additional shot that BM is missing.