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Breakfast Topic: Do you test new content on the PTRs? {WoW}

May 26th 2011 9:01AM Regardless on content, even during new expansion beta's. I have never stepped onto a PTR server. Not once. Never had an interest in beta testing. Quite content to read information and watch videos of PTR content.

Blizzard opens Cataclysm beta key contest for Oceanic guilds {WoW}

Aug 26th 2010 8:56AM Up till this point blizzard has always neglected a lot of their Southern hemisphere players. The land down under Region of the world is not the only place where there are WoW players, there has been a huge player base here in South Africa which continues to grow to this day.

Like the Aussie players, we lack local servers so we have to play on Eu realms and deal with the 450 - 1000ms latency ( on a average capped/shaped adsl connection ) on a daily basis and at times is becomes extremely infuriating. In the past we have had lower but since the invention of the hated mod gearscore, it has added lat time due to all the spam gs does, even with the new 2 sec mouse over server side rule.

There is one of the larger South African guilds on lightbringer-Eu realm among lots of others spread out over different realms. I don't know if they have been included in the beta or not but speaking in general terms, Blizzard obviously had their reasons for doing this but I find this move to include only one Southern hemisphere continent a total BS move and a complete disrespect to their other players.

I for one have no interest in a beta key but a chance to at least participate in one of their comps would have been good for a change instead of having to sit out on the sidelines like always.

On a side note.
I understand their are costs and logistics involved in setting up servers in new locations but it is not like that is something blizzard is new too. With having servers in 3 main locations across Europe ( France, Germany and Switzerland ).

The costs of getting all of that in place for a few extra countries is miniscule compared to the Activision/Blizzard profit they just made on their Q2 financial report.