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BattleHeat brings Azerothian armor to life {WoW}

Apr 4th 2008 4:08PM for the whiners and complainers... i would LOVE to see all off you MAKING that same armor set better in less time that he made it... if not STFO... man everyone complaining. instead of giving ideas your just tearing ppl appart like your some kind of gods or whatever

Breakfast Topic: Where would you go if you were a tourist in Azeroth? {WoW}

Apr 4th 2008 8:04AM easy... id stay in mulgore and brill all day long

Forum Post of the Day: What type of music do Azerothians make? {WoW}

Mar 24th 2008 1:15AM for me... the undead music is the one playing on the inn of brill... on the other hand... Belfs are more chamber music PPL damn! punk? goth? PPL!!!!!!!! they are the highest civilization in azeroth how the hell you ppl EVEN think they are goin to do rock? geeez

Breakfast Topic: What's the next bit of WoTLK news you want to see? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2008 9:09AM i want to see if there are going to be any kinda warlock type hero class cuz lets face it... warlocks pwn everyone hehe

Breakfast Topic: Where would your characters "retire" to? {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 10:06AM noooo one remebers good old brill i think thats the perfect place for my warlock since it quiet and has a good music... pluus all new undead come thru there and the zeppelin and all the ppl including alliance that go to SM go near so it will be fun to kill some :D

Breakfast Topic: Instance for sale {WoW}

Feb 29th 2008 9:12AM its something i do most of the tie... if its a good pay up :P

Breakfast Topic: Arena dreaming {WoW}

Feb 28th 2008 10:33AM the ring of valor in org... or the arena in stv!!!! and can you forget 1k needles kids? or even felwood!

Breakfast Topic: Meeting WoW folks {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2008 9:12AM thats one of the best things since i do it all the time!!!!!! we go to cybercafes and hang out all day :P even thou we are from different factions and servers

Breakfast Topic: I get by without a little help from my friends {WoW}

Feb 21st 2008 8:55AM lol this is me alright... i tend to leave a lot of quests just cuz i get no groups... and that is why i made a blog for solo locks :P

The unwritten rules of raiding {WoW}

Jan 16th 2008 9:54PM lol... its our priest who has to die for us to get good loot