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Orange Box finally updated {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 29th 2007 12:40PM I was prompted for the update Friday evening around 1 AM EST. I had been playing TF:2 for a few hours prior to it and had just power cycled my XBOX from the latest TF:2 caused lockup when Valve released the patch.

Can't say if the lag has improved but other issues still occur such as the aforementioned XBOX freezes in TF:2 and the random player drops during match startup.

Get $5 off with an Orange Box pre-order {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 6th 2007 4:29PM Half-Life will never achieve the success Bungie had with the Halo series. Don't get me wrong, Half-Life is/was a better FPS than Halo but it's day of glory came and went years ago.

Halo 3 makes $300 million in one week {Joystiq}

Oct 4th 2007 10:53AM How could Bungie "walk"?

Aren't they owned by Microsoft? Don't they "belong" to Microsoft?

Joyswag: Joystiq's Legendary Halo 3 Giveaway {Joystiq}

Oct 2nd 2007 2:01PM This space is taken.

No PS3-to-PC play in Unreal Tournament 3 {Joystiq}

Sep 26th 2007 12:19PM I lurk but that photoshop profile pic made me lol.

New York tests limits of game legislation with felony bill {Joystiq}

May 30th 2007 2:41PM I blame George Bush.

oh...wait.. thats right...

New York is a liberal state with a democratic controlled legislature and a liberal republican govenor and two liberal senators one of whom is probably going to be the next president of this country.

Vince Young tapped for Madden '08 cover? {Joystiq}

Apr 17th 2007 1:37PM @David

stick to playing video games dude. Vince Young wasn't the first rookie quarterback to play in the pro bowl. a rookie by the name of Dan Marino played in the both the superbowl and pro bowl.

China imposes anti-addiction limits on kids' gaming {Joystiq}

Apr 11th 2007 9:54AM I blame George Bush.

WoW Moviewatch: Kiting Omen {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2007 3:51PM the music sounds like it is popular with 15 year old white virgin males with no athletic ability and who lack social skills.