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Ol' Grumpy's guide to Cataclysm instance protocols {WoW}

Oct 7th 2010 11:49PM TO all those who are worried about the griefers in the new Cat, keep in mind that the griefers will be in both frameworks. The primary difference IMO, is that in wrath it was easier for them to get a higher gear score :)

Look at it this way: I got less retards in BC dungeons when I ran simply because they could only get so far with the gear they had( and the lack of focus). In wrath, they all had 5k + because it was easy to random till ya puke. before, working with your group meant that you HAD to L2P. In wrath, it was all tossed aside so everyone, including the goofs, could pretty much totally break a run and still get their tokens at the end

The age of entitlement is over IMO. Peeps are going to have to step up to the plate when it comes to group play or gtfo. Which is fine with me. I'd rather spend twice as long in an instance having fun (this is the key element) then run a 20m brawlfest with a 12 yr old who can't learn how to pay attention to health bars, power bars, targets, etc. a speed run where I don't even have time to loot the mobs ISNT fun. I could care less if I'm getting 10 marks an hour or what.

Officers' Quarters: Content is easy {WoW}

Sep 28th 2010 12:24AM I agree with everyone above of course. I've been in leadership positions at work as well as in guilds. Waht you ahve there is a tough position to pull yourself out of. because if you brought him in under the aspect of friendship (to the officer position) then its the friendship that fuels whats he does. he makes his choices because hes a bud, not because he's an officer. I've learned that from experience....when it comes to that, you end up often losing both the friend and the leader when your forced to make tough decisions.

Hope that doesn't happen to you. Hope he is mature enough to understand that you need to make decisions first and foremost for the guild. If he doesn't see that, then he needs to go (out of the officer position). If he can't understand why, then it makes it tough on you as his friend.

Not that having friends in those positions is a bad thing, if its for the right reason. Someone who pulls their weight as a leader deserves the position, and in that case, having a friend there is one of the best scenarios you can have. IF...they pull their weight as an officer. DPS be damned. no offense (i play DPS as well), but DPS is easy to replace...decent officers are not. And he's currently filling a position that a decent officer should be. it's a waste of resources.

Not sure how you should approach it, whether to approach him with the other officers, or solely. that's going to be a judgment call, as to how he will take it. Now, given the worst case scenario. having other officers there as you approach him with the ultimatum will benefit you as an officer tho. It's called documentation. if the entire team is there, then they all understand what you did, and why you did it. there won't be any rumors flying as they all were there and saw your approach. that is the SAFEST way to do it, not necessarily the best way however. You, OP , will have to make that call based on your understanding of him (and your relationship with him), and the situation.

I've seen folks get approached singly and have it turn out horrible. I've seen guilds fall apart because an officer told off one person, and that person turned half the officers against them. that can be a danger if you try to handle it yourself. But, on the flip side, if your comfortable enough with him that you think he will be able (eventually) to understand, then solo may be the best choice. tough choice, tho...I empathize with what you have to do. Good luck, hope it turns out for the best.

Totem Talk: Enhancement shaman changes for patch 4.0.1 {WoW}

Sep 26th 2010 9:41PM Hay Matt, thanks for the article! so far my shaman is the toon that I'm getting the most excited about (it's also changing the least of my other toons, with the most benefits).

I was somewhat confused by your graph on feral spirit tho (I could just be confusing the numbers and times). Btu as far as I can see, whichever mechanic it higher dps would depend on the length of the fight. under 4 min, the old mechanic would have higher dps. between 4 and 6 it would be the new one. 6-7m and the old mechanic jumps ahead, and 8-9 the new one. at 9 the odl mechanic is king again, but once you hit the 10m mark the new mechanic steps up once more. Overall, I don't see it as a DPS loss, but specific variances in your fights may determine the current impact of the timing change.

I like the changes to searing a lot! especially since you get it so early on, it will be a definite improvement to leveling new shamans (have visions of dozens of dwarfs running around Loch Modan zapping everything in sight. the new compact efficient Shaman! half the size, all the power!)

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Heroics, protection spec and build 13033 {WoW}

Sep 26th 2010 2:24AM Ya don't look too harshly at that number. It was figurative (from what I can tell), and trying to get across a point. and at the same time, as mentioned before, Your talking about a Beta (which he did mention early on), where fights are bugged (they won't be for release), and horrible gear itemization (no one knows what they need yet), and most of them barely meet heroic requirements for ilvl. Add to that know one knows the best specs to do this stuff in, most folks are not up to speed on maximizing their toons throughput (using defensive CD's, managing aggro, etc).

If you take all that and apply it to wrath, you'd be struggling through wrath heroics as well. once its released, once we all have built rep with the fractions and got decent gear levels...remember, gear itemization is changing a ton...but once we have all the proper resources at hand, it won't be as scary a picture. We'll still have to work for our money, but as any BC or vanilla tank can tell you, its not a bad picture. And its actually fun once you get there, as few people make the attempt. You'll be in a small class of folks with thick skins, who put a bunch of effort into their toon, and deserve those insta-queues :D

But start practicing now. go out and hit a few groups of mobs (3 or more). practice tab targeting, or smack a few and back off trailing them with you (this will be a common occurrence so DPS can CC). practice LoS pulls with ranged mobs, and get the timing down on when to hit your t-clap as they round the corner. set up your marks on hotkeys ( i like the F keys, everyone has diff preferences), and practice marking mobs on the fly as you run up to them. Stuff like that.

I remember my first serious tanking toon I spent a good night or two learning the ropes of their tank skill cycles. I'd practice cycling through the rotation while panning my camera around noting details of the environment. This will be a lifesaver, I kid you not. You will want to know when that mages CC breaks, especially if they are rusty themselves, and don't' notice it until its in their face, carving their GF's name into the mages glutes. You will get used to setting up clique or healbot like a healer does (yes, tanks use healbot too hehe) so you have intervene, intercept and other macros set up on it. these were all tank staples in vanilla and BC, and all it takes is some dedicated practice and you'll have it down in no time.

booyaa! actually having to practice tank skills is back in. Man i miss shattered halls (the good and the bad).

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Heroics, protection spec and build 13033 {WoW}

Sep 26th 2010 2:06AM I don't see the warriors lack of "traditional" CC being an issue like it was in BC. the biggest reason, aside from dual spec, is the change in DPS. Prot warriors can do enough damage currently (the changes make it look like it may be going up as well), that bringing along a second warrior with a tank spec won't be a huge DPS loss like it used to be (which was the biggest reason a second 'tank' was poohed on in BC and vanilla). It might still be a small DPS loss, but in the grander scale, having a toon that can 'hold down' one or more extra mobs and control them could offset the minor dps loss. In BC it was a HUGE dps loss, so the trepidation about having one along was understandable. I don't think it will be the same in Cat (in wrath it didn't' matter, Cc wasn't needed).

these are great changes. I am looking forward to my warrior in Cat. But I will probably be doing guild only runs for a while. My experiences in end wrath tanking random pug's have left a sour spot on my palette for random groups. I do not feel like risking my love of my warrior so that i can spend the first few months of wrath listening to endless whining from wrath DPS players as they slowly figure out that AoE-fest isn't the way this game is made to be played. Ill run with my guild until im comfortable enough with the instances that i'm willing to put my head on the block again.

I've tanked on my warrior, druid, paladin, and (currently) DK. I tanked in vanilla (though not end game), and remember the first time i learned how to tab-target and sunder (back before devastate was on the horizon) In BC, I remember not so fondly the LoL's I got when i logged in to tank on my prot pally in early BC before the ignorant realized that blizz had made changes, and prot pallys were actually worth their spit in tanking. I remember the challenges early on of tanking with my bear and the limited AoE threat they had in BC.

But so far, the random PuG's from wrath have been the worst. I think the tank population will DRASTICALLY reduce initially. Most new tanks are shy on the heroics as they are...if they have no experience marking or leading a group they will be in for a nasty shock. Healers the same. Where tanks have to watch their survival, healers have to watch their resources. no more endless mana pools, they will again (yay) have to choose who will live and who won't (unless the group is managed well, in which case they will only have to worry about the tank).

Most of that though is in the hands of the DPS. they will all have to realize that they can't simply go "all out" anymore like they did in wrath. Pacing DPS will be a direct result of managing damage vs. threat. Like it used to be in vanilla and BC. the pre-wrath players will have it easier adjusting (and many, like me, are looking forward to it). The newer wrath-only players will have a choice once(if) they realize the situation. either chock it up to experience and learn how to manage their threat (and targeting, and AoE's), or ragequit, while most likely blaming the tanks or healers in the process :)

Breakfast Topic: What won't you miss about Wrath? {WoW}

Sep 26th 2010 1:00AM yeah. I Loved the heroics in BC, but did not like the attunement. far too steep (like the key's mentioned earlier). Of course, we didn't have tabards back then, this could aid in that regards. But either way, much of the harshness of BC heroics was the attuenement, and then some of the odd mechanics. But some of the attunement wasn't bad IMO. Kara, as an example. you had to do a few dungeon runs, and a fwe quest lines, and you had your key. towards the end they did open it up to all, and teh birth of the 'random raid pug" was born. I big mistake IMO.

Kara with an organized guild (didn't have to be hardcore mind you, just organized, left shoe on left foot kinda deal), was a blast, and it's still my favorite raid because of that (and all the cool fight mechanics, and feel). PuG'ed kara was a nightmare in the making, unless you had a core of overgeared players (from SCC/BT/Sunwell), and then it was a cakewalk. most the runs i've done in wrath ahve felt this way too, and i think it's large in part to the McDonald's appraoch to random PuG's. It's one of those things you do all the time, but hate doing.

my mind twinkled when someone mentioned the PvP boss in MgT...WOW that was a great experience! a pain in the butt at first let me tell ya, but awesome. But on to what I will Not miss...

Random pug's. random Pug heroics just suck. But i need to do them constantly to get the gear i need so i can tank...random pug heroics. sort of backwards if you ask me.

raid guilds built by teenagers who lacked proper leadership experience and spent entire raids calling everyone in vent retards for not knowing fights, when they never explained them in the first place. Or when they whisper in vent "don't tell that new tank that were only 6 of 12, im afraid he's going to leave".

EZ epics. the first 2 were exciting...until you realized that in order to tank heroics most folks expected you to have a stash full of them, and be at least 4.5k gear score. In BC greens were designed out of existence, in Wrath blues were. Blues used to be the standard for non raid players. now even lower epics are a joke. I have NO clue why we even call them Epics, they need to be called "Standards" now. hell, with the random queue all my toons that have hit 80 lately have had enough badges for a free epic the moment they hit 80. I remember when the monacle "welfare epic" came out when badges were first introduced. give me back that system any day of the week now.

Man, I hate gear score. hate it hate it hate it. it's the warcry of the inexperienced so they can sound superior. It was always funny to see folks spam in LFG for a 5.5k GS whatever, then mouse over them and find out that their under 5k....but on the flip side with randoms being the way they are, GS is a quick indicator of survival capability (since skill pretty much goes out the dont' need skill, jsut 5k GS and the ability to spam 3 AoE skills), so it's often a necessary evil. in randoms. which goes back to why I don't like randoms. But when no one in your guild is on, randoms are there...It's like that old girlfriend you really don't' want to be with, but ya know, on lonely nights shes still available...

Oh ya, last but not least, gear skins. they certainly did a good job of homogenizing the gear. If you like the gear look, your golden. If you didn't, your stuck. I hate the look of the gear on my shaman right now, but shes gonna be stuck in the same gear for 10 more levels (just hit 70), because it ALL LOOKS THE SAME. Whats so tough about the concept of costume sets? I never got this one. Other games have them. we already trigger abilities or items that give us a whole new look ( the pre-cat troll event token that turns you into a troll warrior is seriously awesome! I wish alliance had the same, but we got a gnome in a spacesuit O.o ), so why not costume gear sets? most the wrath gear looks like you took an old leather suit and rolled in the mud. just not my cup of tea, YMMV.

Breakfast Topic: What won't you miss about Wrath? {WoW}

Sep 26th 2010 12:00AM I don't personally think that Wrath being 'easy' means you could just look away and faceroll your keyboard. what it DOES mean is that it was mostly about beating the CD. In BC, I enjoyed looking at a mob pull on my tank, figuring out the best way to pull them, mark the targets for CC (or 2nd kill, etc.) use LoS pulls to bring in casters, etc. Dps taht couldn't figure out how to wait to spam skills (seriously, how hard is it to count to 10 before hitting something? or wait till the adds come around the corner?)

in Wrath, I just charge up to the mob pack and spam AoE skills. Seriously. there's not much to it. At a heroic level, it didnt' matter which ksy i hit first, be it thunderclap, or shockwave, or cleave...i just hit em all. harder heroics make me wish my AoE CD's were shorter. that's it. it's all still mind numbing race to you AoE buttons. Very sad IMO.

Raids added the element of jumping around. Now you had to avoid the fire. hop over an acid pool. and then spam AoE buttons. Gone are the days that i targeted specific mobs and cycled through them to add threat to specific targets, or marked things like it mattered. It didn't' matter. THAT'S what they are talking about.

the other sad part of of current instances is the lack of communication. New runs are tough on peeps because everyone expects you to simply know it, when half of them don't know it themselves, and won't speak up if they don't. And that doesn't even matter, as long as the tank spams their AoE threat skills. It speaks something when you can run an instance not knowing jack squat about it, as long as everyone spams their AoE skills (all 3 of them if they're really good).

Prior to wrath, instance runs took enough organization that folks needed to COMMUNICATE (I know. heaven forbid, talk to your group members.) I've had nights of a half dozen or more heroic runs where NO ONE EVEN TALKS. why even run with a group at that point? I remember the end of one of those runs where someone said 'thanks all" and it was shocking, as that last few runs no one even said that as they left group once it was done. not even a kiss the next morning *sniff*

In Wrath you still have to watch things in later difficulties. But in all honesty, its all about spamming stuff. In raids, my holy pally pretty much spams one heal non stop. its a damage race, nothing more. their forcing us to go beyond that, which is good IMO. now i just need to find those other skills...ya know, the not-AoE-ones, whatever they're called...

Arcane Brilliance: Things I've learned while dying in Cataclysm heroics, mage edition {WoW}

Sep 25th 2010 11:21PM I feel that 2 things will make this less of an issue then it was in BC:

1) class mechanics - bot warriors and Dk's have available options now to not only switch over to a 'control' spec, but also dish out reasonable damage during the process. first, tank specs do good damage now (often tanks are in the top 2 for overall damage in most Heroics I run now). second, with dual specs becoming cheap, there shouldn't be a warrior or dk out there without a tank or Off-tank spec. it'l be sort if interesting to see multiple tank groups for 5 mans around (and viable IMO).

2)Tank shortage - with the changes in cat. EZ-mode tanking is no longer an option. Add to that the dual-spec thing again, and whamo..warriors and Dk's will be wanted in spades. Just as their tank spec instead of their DPS spec. I don't' think it will even be close to what it was in BC, where tank specs were laughed at in any other place outside of a tanking role in PvE. But that was back when tanks did about 1/10 the damage of a dps class.

Arcane Brilliance: Things I've learned while dying in Cataclysm heroics, mage edition {WoW}

Sep 25th 2010 11:11PM I dont' even play a mage and this article was awesome. I am looking forward to Cat and the changes. Not just to CC, but to the dynamics. I quit eraly on in wrath because of what I feared the game was becoming, and when i came back to ramp up for Cat, My reasons were proven accurate.

Not that Wrath in itself is a complete de-evolution. there were many design changes in wrath that were beneficial. the instance design in its general scope was great. Like many said, a lot of the instance mechanics in BC were very frustrating to deal with, and wrath fixed alot of that.

It's tough to say how the environment is going to affect class balance and populations. Tanks will, by and large, still be in the minority. But even with wrath they still are. My Dk tank has a wait time of about 5 seconds average for PuG's, while my pally in ret form has about 45m. Even with the ease of AoE tank-everything approach, peeps still do not liek being a tank, and this will always be the case. I think healers will dwindle a bit, largely due to the increase in difficulty (not an issue with me, i was healing in vanilla and BC, so going back to having to watch my mana won't be a deal breaker in my camp).

Overall, I'm excited about the changes. I'm looking forward to having to mark and CC and pull targets with my warrior and DK (0 i actually took my marks off of hotkeys for wrath). I'm looking forward to having to pick and choose my play style rather then just spamming all my AoE threat skills in hope that the mage and lock don't beat me to the punch.

I honestly do not enjoy heroics right now, there is absolutely NO sense of accomplishment other then knowing i survived another DPS blitz with no 12 yr olds calling me names during the process. I like the idea that my DPS toons will be able to do more then push their AoE buttons as fast as possible. If blizz can do all of that, and keep the positive mechanical changes they made in wrath, they have a sold player once again.

Guest Post: Confessions of a noob death knight {WoW}

Sep 19th 2010 8:00PM Lol I just happened to come over this article browsing about mages, because ironically im in just the opposite position. I HAVE leveled and raided DPS (rogue, pally, warrior, druid, shaman), and i've tanked (warrior, pally, druid, DK) and I've healed (priest, shaman, pally a tidbit, druid).

this article was great...there were often times i wished it was a requirement that dps level and raid/play a tank or healer before playing dps so they can see that side of the field. And i LOVE your comments on melee DPS. movement is such an integral part of our damage ratings, i often got irritated at ranged dps when they griped that they had to move 1 or two times during an encounter.

When I played ranged DPS finally tho, I realized how much it thrw off your cycle to have to interrupt a 3 sec cast, and how important that long induction time was to your overall DPS ( sucks as a healer be 2 sec into that big heal to save the tank, and realize that you have to interrupt it to move.)

I think the key here is that all roles have things that make their job challenging, and the more folks play different specs, the better it is as they have more compassion for the other roles. I think everyone need to play al 3 roles at least once to really appreciate what they bring, and the difficulties of each role.

DPS is tough too. as long as you can keep everyone alive, no ones really worried about your HPS, or your TPS (unless your in a really tight progression guild :P ). But DPS has eyes glued to DPS meters, because they know that's their bread and butter. And with everyone and their dog playing DPS (and the deluge of epic gear in pre-cat WoW), the competition is stiff. I think we all need to respect the others, and runs wil go allot more smoothly (and fun).