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The Soapbox: There's no such thing as a miracle MMO {Massively}

Feb 29th 2012 12:20PM ~TL;DR~

"fun is subjective"

there can be no 'perfect' mmo simply because people want and enjoy different things.

this might come off as very snippy and/or elitest, but one of the most frustrating things developing games is that most people (consumers) don't understand what goes behind making a game. it's VERY EASY to say 'well so and so should be done and it'll be a great game' but that isn't so. honestly, it's one of the few cases where it's justifiable to say 'if you know better, then make better' because it's a mental thing, as opposed to a physical skill.

old games didn't have many bugs or problems BECAUSE they were infinitely less complex than the games we have NOW. this is compounded in mmos, where its just on an insanely massive scale.
here's a point of reference. for those of you who know about the Old World Blues DLC for Fallout: Vegas, the amount of bugs a friend had to fix in a day was about 200. 200, a day.

the idea of games like dota, mmos being 'balanced' is also honestly a lie. you know the constant tweaks that are done? it almost sounds like a conspiracy theory, but because true balance cannot be achieved, its really more of a temporary fix here and there to satisfy people. of course, genuine legitimate imbalances are found and those are addressed.

fun, different, exciting? i've tried and still try many mmos. some of them are genuinly good, some are bad, and some just aren't my taste. 'what i like' is not the same as what is 'good' either.

i mean, the reason why all those mmos were 'very different' back in the day was because.. we HAD no mmos. its true many mmos are cookie cutter-ish now (like any other game), but many have their own niche even with a small audience. there's also the formula of 'don't break what isn't broken', what people are familiar with and work with best. new tech or methods is always a hit or miss, maybe the innovation worked and maybe it didn't.

'the grind' is also going to be present in any mmo that has levels and/or progression. its part of progression, its part of levelling. the main problem with the grind is how its presented - is it an arbitrary and random thing, or does it seem to tie into the story? is it fun and exciting in some way? the only way to really get rid of that is to just make everything a fetch or dialogue quest, or something very experimental like that one PS3 mmo where you explore a beautiful world (which i'm sure many people will complain about being stupid and boring too, simply because they don't like it)

people will never be happy with anything. that is one of the biggest obstacles in making 'the perfect mmo.'

World of WarCrafts: The infamous Three Dragon Azeroth shirt {WoW}

Aug 29th 2010 3:57PM does anyone else notice the discrepancies in quality between the dragons and the planet? besides the questionable design, none of her other work comes close to that level of texture painting.