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Encrypted Text: An interview with the ever-cautious Aldriana {WoW}

Nov 10th 2010 9:40PM I can not down rate this enough. EJ continues to be the defacto location for rogue theory crafting in spite of it's fame specifically for these reasons. Making a single post with a slight grammer mistake will not get you banned. The same is even true of a math mistake. However if either of these are the product of a poorly thought out post you will be banned. It is a place for serious discussion of rogue mechanics as informed by statistical analysis.

Your comments about Aldriana are a perfect example of a poorly thought out post. Aside from the open disrespect you've shown, your remark about many of the best rogues not making use of his research (I assume this is what you meant by FAQ) is absurd. No other rogue has contributed to our understanding of the classes mechanics more than Aldriana. I would say that's a much bigger contribution than pushing out a bit more dps on your own rogue.

Reader UI of the Week: C. Christian Moore's PvP UI {WoW}

Aug 31st 2010 8:26PM Most of this is explained in the actual article, but just as a quick recap most of those have a very specific, pvp related reason. Your portraits criticism is mostly fair, I suppose it's a concession to eye candy. Personal preference.

Cast bar size and location is explained. In pvp, cast bars are one of the most important sources of information you have. For this reason alone they are huge and in the most visible location possible. It allows you to get a feel for what your target and focus are casting, exactly how long until the cast goes off, and keep focusing on your positioning. Hiding them near unit frames requires you to look away from the action.

Numbers on health and mana bars are useless clutter. There really isn't a less meaningful bit of information on most players UIs. What matters is the rate of change of health and mana values. It's more about having an idea of how long you have until one of those bars goes empty. This is mostly for arena mind you. In a BG identifying that healer with 18k health is something I love to see on my rogue.

My one complaint would be the size of the action bars. Just because you can have that many bars doesn't mean you should. Really there are only two reasons to see a button.
1. It's serving as a cheap cooldown timer.
2. It's an ability you use so rarely, it's not keybound and you click it.
As such, these should both be used very sparingly. How often do you really look at your action bars? If you play your a class frequently, probably almost never. Just think about how much space can be cleared up in the above UI if it were cut down to maybe 1 visible action bar.